Talk Fusion: Fusing Videos into the Marketing Platform

The fusion of videos into a traditionally conventional marketing platform by Talk Fusion has radically transformed marketing landscape. The company has developed an innovative application, Video Chat, which their clients can access on the world’s two largest applications stores: iTunes and Google Play. Users can easily download the app from these applications and install it on the mobile phones and tablets. However, its innovativeness extends beyond its versatility and compatibility with most smartphones.

The marketing video allows users to develop marketing content and share with widely across various platforms through a chat platform. This unprecedented technological innovation was feted in 2016 with the Communication Solutions Products of the Year Award. The award was given by the Technology Marketing Corporation, which recognized Talk Fusion’s unwavering commitment and strong passion towards changing the marketing landscape with innovative solutions. Over the years, Talk Fusion has specialized in unique and innovative video marketing technologies. In addition to the award-winning Video Chat, the company is currently working on several innovative technologies, which it hopes to introduce into the market in the near future.

Company Profile

Since its founding a decade ago, Talk Fusion has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the leading providers of high-end marketing solutions globally. The Brandon, Florida-based company has dedicated its resources to developing cutting-edge and innovative video marketing solutions that are simple and hence easy to use. The company’s success is hinged on two fundamental pillars: strong and dedicated leadership team and high quality products. The company has customized their services to meet the demands of their client base. Their products, which include all-in-one video email services, live meetings and the award-winning video chat, are very interactive. The interactive concept is also applied to other products such as video newsletters. This concept enhances customer experience. Clients can also enjoy using the company’s innovative technologies for free for up to 30 days before opting to pay at the end of the free trial period.

The company’s founder, Bob Reina, is an industry veteran with excellent skills and extensive experience in marketing. This has been crucial in increasing the company’s brand presence in up to 140 countries. As the chief executive officer, he plays a critical role in bringing in highly qualified individuals to head the various dockets.

The Impeccable Career Life Of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is the CEO of one of the leading Multi-level marketing companies in the world, IDLife. He is a successful philanthropist, keynote speaker, businessman, author, philanthropist and entrepreneurs. The business was born out of an idea, from Zig Zaglar’s doctor, to produce a gluten-free, soy-free, hormone-free, non-GMO and naturally and organically extracted vitamin.

Logan Stout was impressed with this idea, bearing in mind that he has been a professional athlete in the past and that nutrition had been a very important part of his part. Therefore, he bought the idea and partnered with Jen Wilderstrom who is a celebrity trainer, Billionaire Darwin Deason and Troy Aikman.

Early Life
The established entrepreneur grew up in Texas. From a very tender age he was very active in baseball and other sports. And when he joined J.J. Pearce High school, he played for the varsity team. During this time, he was always coming up with genius leadership strategies that would get him, and people in his team, winning.

His leadership is sports continued even when he joined the Panola. He continued to play and coach in the institution’s team, only stopping after he had graduated with a Business Degree and moved to University of Dallas to study Psychology, but even then he remained active in baseball, earning him prestigious titles in the school’s team. Following his graduation, he continued playing baseball as a member of the Fort Worth Cats team.

Logan Stout, the Author
Logan Stout is author of the book “Stout Advice: The Secret to Building Yourself, People and Teams”. In this book he gives people advice on winning strategies. He lays it out how he achieved success in his college days and even as a professional. He hopes that the book inspires everyone as they strive to reach their full potential.

He is a co-founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. The organization is one of the world’s largest, concentrating in coaching, training and mentoring young baseball players. Logan’s role in the company is to provide mentorship to the youth.

Jason Hope – Well-Known Futurist and a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur and businessman based in Arizona, and over the years has made a fortune investing in different technology start-ups and is at present engaged in developing high-end mobile applications. Jason Hope is a well-known author, philanthropist, and futurist, as well.Presently, Jason Hope has fallen in love with the Internet of Things technology, which Jason Hope believes is going to pave the way for the future. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology would have many applications in different industries that would help with increased performance, energy savings, and increased output reduced waste, and would also prove to be cost-efficient and time-saving.

Jason Hope said that even though millions of people use smart technology today, it would become a thing of the past in the new few years as the Internet of Things hit the shelves. However, he did highlight the importance of companies investing in finding out how the Internet of Things would help with their business. Some of the large scale companies are conducting their research into how the Internet of Things would be helpful for their business and how it can help with generating higher revenue and improve efficiency.

The airline industry is already adopting the Internet of Things technology to help improve the safety in the aviation sector and assist the ground staff to know if there are any faults in the airline’s engine in real time. It would also tell the technician where exactly the problem is, which would be helpful in saving time in not spending hours to locate the actual problem.The Internet of Things is a technology in which different devices, starting from kitchen appliances to home appliances and from office machines to any other gadgets can be synced. It would help in exchange of information between these devices, which would enable the users to program them as per their usage.Jason Hope also donates to the SENS Research Foundation, which is one of the premier research institutions that studies on improving the life expectancy of the person and in reversing the process of aging. Jason Hope believes it is possible to improve the lifespan of the people on an average if there are researches conducted on a molecular level. If you want to learn more about him : Click Here.

Who is Nabor’s CEO Anthony Petrello?

Anthony (Tony) Petrello is currently the CEO of Nabor Industries Ltd. and has been with the company in various capacities since 1991. His total compensation for fiscal year 2015 was $27,512,939, most of which consisted of stock earnings. During his time with the company, he has served as both President of the company and Chairman of the Board, in addition to other positions. His knowledge has been instrumental in leading Nabor Industries to success.

Nabor Industries Ltd. is a Bermuda based S&P 500 company, specializing in natural gas and oil drilling. Mr. Petrello joined the company in 1991, bringing with him a background filled with legal expertise and business know-how. His old college roommate, Lloyd Grove, dubbed a young 18 year old Tony Petrello a ‘math whiz’ during an interview with The Daily Beast when he was reflecting on the successes of his old college roommate. Even his old professors saw the great potential in Anthony at a young age. In his current role as Chief Executive Officer of Nabor Industries, Mr. Petrello continues on his path to success as one of the highest paid CEOs in the country.

As a cause close to his heart, Tony and his wife Cynthia are also strong advocates for advancing research efforts in the quest to find cures for neurological disorders in children, having their own young daughter surviving such a struggle. As part of his commitment, Mr. Petrello is an active member of the board of trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. He and Mrs. Petrello dedicate their time and resources towards helping to raise awareness and support for this worthy cause.As a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School, Tony Petrello worked to build his knowledge base into one that would serve him well in the business world. If you ask him, he has been known to say that much of his professional success can be attributed to luck, but based on his track record of hard work and dedication both personally and professionally, one could argue that luck has little to do with it.

Susan McGalla: Setting the Pace for Women and Leadership

Diversity in the workplace is a recipe for success of any company. Statistically, gender-diverse companies exhibit 15% better performance than single-gender dominated companies. Likewise, ethnic diverse businesses outperform single ethnicity based businesses by about 30%. This is because people of different gender and ethnicity in business bring about diverse ideas and different perspectives.

A lot of women struggle to attain higher positions in organizations. Despite the struggle, there are a few great women like Susan McGalla who have set an example and helped many women reach higher positions. Susan’s success was not given on a silver platter. Having been raised with two brothers, she had to earn whatever she wanted, and nothing was given to her freely just because she was a girl. With this early lesson in life, she has worked her way through life and has held many successful high-level positions in different companies.

She started her career at the American Eagle Outfitters. Then, all the executives were men, but she worked her way through the ranks and by the time she was exiting the company she had attained the position of its president. After leaving the company, she founded P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at Pittsburg Steelers. With confidence, she has worked hard to earn her position despite the industry being dominated by men.

Gender diversity in organizations can be achieved through sponsorship opportunities. Women should be with guidance, assigned important tasks and projects to enable them to showcase their abilities and skills. This would help women move up the ranks and attain executive positions in organizations.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a successful American Businesswoman. She has her Bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College in Business and Marketing. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio.

She worked at Joseph Horne Company as the first break in her career in 1986. Then she moved to American Eagle Company in 1994 as a merchandise buyer for women wear. She then worked through the ranks until she was appointed the president of the company. She later founded P3 Executive Consulting.

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Boraie Development Continues to Support the New Brunswick Community

The State Theatre’s Free Summer Movies Series is again sponsored by Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation, starting on July 12. The program features a series of six movies geared towards children and families that are free to the public. This program offers young people and their friends and family the opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite films, in the style of the old days of Hollywood.

The State Theatre offers a state-of-the-art HD cinema system, in an 1850 seat restored theatre setting. People can sit in the balcony or the downstairs seating. The movies presented include Frozen, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me, Babe, Monsters University and Aladdin. There are shows at 10:30 am and 7:00pm. Stage Theatre is committed to presenting family friendly programs years round that are affordable to all. The article about the program was published through New Jersey Stage.

Boraie Development is a real estate development and property management company located in New Jersey. It has been run by Omar Boraie for over four decades. The company started in New Jersey in 1972. Boraie felt that everyone was running away from the New Brunswick. NJ area, so he decided to stay.

According to Rutgers, when he started out, New Brunswick looked awful. He started out with the building housing his eighth-floor office on Albany Street. He says there were 21 vacant and run-down buildings right on Albany Street, when he first started out. He started buying the buildings one at a time.

People thought he was crazy. He started developing the rehabbing the buildings making some much-needed office space in the community. He realized that with the office space, there would also be a need for residential buildings as well. He started the One Spring Street Condominium building. It provided 121 residential units, office space and 400 parking spaces as well as a barbeque area and a place to walk with your dog. The building was completed in 2007 and it was a hit. The residences sold out within the first two months on the market. After this, people stopped calling Omar crazy and became believers in the rebuilding of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Omar Boraie credits many others with the rebuilding. He says if Johnson & Johnson president, Dick Sellers had not decided to stay in New Brunswick, the whole rebuilding project would not have succeeded. He credits Mayor James Cahill, New Brunswick Development Corp, and Rutgers University for the successful rejuvenation of the area as well. Omar feels that the area will continue to prosper and grow at a good pace going forward.

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Igor Cornelsen Describes Four Key Things To Know Before You Invest In The Stock Market

Igor Cornelsen is a highly regarded stock market trader who specializes in trading stocks in the Brazilian markets. Mr. Cornelsen also consulted for Brazilian banking institutions. He now serves as the director of Bainbridge Group Inc., which is an offshore investment management fund. Below you will find Igor Cornelsen’s four tips to know before putting your money into the stock market.


The first thing that Igor Cornelsen highlights is that a person should know how much risk they are able to handle. If you want higher payouts and can handle lots of risk then you can invest in much more riskier stocks and bonds. On the other hand, if you do not like taking risks at all, then the stock market is probably not for you. You will be better suited to bonds.


Cornelsen points out that usually a higher risk in an investment means a higher return in the end. Still, there are relatively safe stock market investments that are known as blue chip stocks. These are stocks in companies that have a proven and stable record of profitability and dividend payments. Invest in these if you want to minimize your risk on the stock market. Regardless of what kind of stock you invest in, you should feel comfortable about the risk you are taking. If you do not feel comfortable investing in something, then you should not do it.


The second point that Igor Cornelsen makes is that any investor should have a basic understanding of the stock market and the companies that they are planning to invest their money in. Cornelsen states you do not have to become an all knowing expert, but you should have a grasp on how the markets work, what the company does, whether it is profitable or not and the history of the company’s stock prices. Igor says that if you do not know how the stock market works, then you are almost playing a sport without knowing the rules of that sport.


Igor Cornelsen’s third and fourth points are that you should set goals for yourself and keep your emotions out of your stock market trades. All of your trades should work towards your goal. When you do buy and sell, make it based on whether it will help you achieve your goals and not based on the spur of the moment.

Capital Group CEO Weighs in on Warren Buffett

Tim Armour, the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group, recently gave his thoughts on Warren Buffett’s new financial endeavors. Buffett has put his money into charity so that he can achieve a better return on his investment compared to hedge fund managers. Buffett is betting on investing in a passive index fund.

Buffett is correct in stating that there are too many funds that shortchange investors. Armour supports Buffett’s emphasis on cost effective investment that should be around for the long term. Buffett has been successful with his strategy of bottom up investing, which emphasizes saving money for retirement and learn more about Tim.

However, Tim Armour disagrees with Buffett on some issues. Consumers should be concerned about product labels. Many mutual funds do not provide successful returns in the long run. The risks and opportunity costs of passive index investments are largely underestimated. Low costs are an important part of having a good long term investment return.

It is unfair to assume that passive index returns are the ideal way to plan for a better retirement. Index funds do not defend against down markets. Markets fluctuate and overcoming these negative lapses is an important part of being a successful investor and read full article.

While the average actively managed fund has not done well, there have been exceptions. No one can predict the future to see which funds will do better than others. Investors can identify fund managers by looking at those who invest much of their own money beside investors in their fund. This results in managers outperforming their benchmark indexes and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Regardless of what some proponents comment, there is nothing random about outperforming the market over a long period of time. Armour notes that Capital Group’s equity funds have over 600 years of investment experience. Americans are leading their own retirement, and many young people are concerned that they will not be able to save enough money as they age. There needs to be a serious conversation about what investors can do to receive higher returns.

Timothy Armour is the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. Armour is a portfolio manager with over 30 years of investment experience. Before working for Capital Group, Armour covered World telecommunications. Armour received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

Nestle Purina Changes Recipes For Their Beneful Dry Dog Food

Dog owners are following the current trend of feeding their dogs with food that has familiar ingredients. Recently, critics scrutinized Beneful, a popular dog food brand. The brand, which entered the market in 2001, is among the top dry dog food brands. Over 14 million dogs are fed on the dry dog foods every year.

Some bloggers have pointed out on the dangers of propylene glycol, one of the ingredients used in making dog food. The FDA has approved the ingredient, which is usually confused with ethylene glycol, for human and dog consumption. The use of the colorful dyes in Beneful products, which serve to attract people, has also been criticized. Other critics have talked about possible mycotoxins that are commonly found in most of the dry pet foods. In all fairness, the European Union and the FDA allow the use of small levels of mycotoxins. This is because small levels of the same are not considered a health concern, as they are available in agricultural crops.

These concerns were raised in the beginning of 2015 after plaintiffs brought a class action suit against the parent company, Nestle Purina. Nestlé Purina PetCare reported that the case is still pending in court as the class action lawyers have repeatedly changed the allegations. According to the firm, the class action team has never produced any form of evidence to back up their claims. The company posited that they did not intend to settle the case. This information was originally reported on Huffington Post as highlighted in the following link

In the meantime, Purina has reformulated their dry dog foods. The research and development team of the PetCare Nutrition, which is headed by Janet Jackson, is responsible for developing the innovations on Purina products. The vice president of Marketing, Juli Plassmeyer who is in charge of a marketing team of 35 members has been in the marketing industry for more than 23 years. Miss Juli and Miss Jackson stated that the new formulas for Beneful are unrelated to the suit given that they have been in development for more than two years. Purina has created new recipes for their dry dog food. In their eight recipes, they have added real meat and salmon. After listening to the concerns of their customers, the company has done away with sugar and propylene glycol.


A Look At Avi Weisfogel’s Success As A Dentist And Entrepreneur

Avi Weisfogel is the brain behind Dental Sleep Masters, which is based in New Jersey. Dr. Weisfogel has a rich background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. In 1999, Avi incorporated Old Bridge Dental Care, which was his dental practice. Over the years, he has received various awards such as the Best Dentist Award for several years.

While running Old Bridge Dental Care, Avi started exploring the area of sleep and researching on how physicians and dentists could assist patients suffering from sleep disorders. In 2010, Avi launched Healthy Heart Sleep. The company worked with many physicians around the globe. He advised them on how to establish and manage state-of-the-art sleep labs.

In 2012, Dr. Avi Weisfogel established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Subsequently, he started lecturing dentists on the various ways of increasing and serving patients having sleep problems. In 2014, Avi founded Dental Sleep Masters to assist dentists to venture into the field of sleep using oral tools to treat sleep disorders.

As the leader of Dental Sleep Masters, Avi draws on his vast experience and knowledge on sleep apnea. He uses his well-researched information to assist dentists to recognize prospective patients. He also assists patients to secure treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an alumnus of Rutgers University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. Additionally, Avi holds a DDS from the celebrated the New York University College of Dentistry.

While speaking to Ideamensch, Avi noted that the idea of establishing his business came out of his fascination with the field of sleep medicine. Additionally, the doctor said that he combined his passion with his marketing experience to establish a new field of treating sleep disorders. Moreover, Avi remarked that existing platforms have enabled him to be a click away from different people around the world. This way, it has become easy for him to share information and receive much insights in other fields. Dr. Avi acknowledges that repetition of tasks and the ability to take positive criticism has helped him to be more productive.

Avi runs a GoFundMe campaign in partnership with Operation Smile. The drive’s goal is to raise at least $2,000. These funds are expected to enable Operation Smile to provide cost-free surgical services to many children around the globe.