A New Product Is Born – EOS Start Up

When looking at lip products, you used to find yourself looking at cylinder tubes with limited flavors or even designs to pick from. The joy of using one of these products for lip care just wasn’t around. That’s where EOS comes in to bring color and flavors to the beauty product aisle!

About a decade ago, Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder of EOS lip balm, was working his regular job and taking care of some stocking items. He got to the beauty aisle where it struck him that lip care companies were being lazy and they all seemed to look the same. Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky joined Mehra and brainstormed ideas for ways to make a new product so lip balm was more appealing.

With research and asking around, they gathered information for the perfect item. EOS lip balm is an orb shaped container with bright colors for each different flavor. The grooves and texture make it feel different from the basic tube of lip balm. The different flavors give everyone a variety to pick from so you can engage your senses. https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

This Well-known product not only stood out for its unique shape, bright colors, or selection of flavors to pick from. It is also organic and contains many beneficial ingredients to keep lips feeling soft and smooth. Today’s generation looks for products specifically like EOS because they are more Earth friendly and natural. People are getting away from long lists of ingredients and welcoming shorter lists of natural ingredients that do the job as well or better.

With over 7 million fans on Facebook, EOS has taken over a good part of the lip balm market with its natural and sensory appealing product. It stands out in many ways by meeting the high standards and requirements set by the millennial generation for new organic and earth friendly products

NuoDB Technology

NuoDB is the technology of database management system that provides customers with scalable and flexible database foundation that is needed to keep up with the demands and pace of the business environment. Because of its focus on the cloud technology, NouBD provides consumers with the impeccable combination of NoSQL databases and traditional relational databases.
Also, NuoDB’s SQL is the most flexible and cost-effective database that can meet the current demand of the world business. It incorporates the features that help with the scaling out of the processes found in the cloud computing environments. The application programs involve in the environments communicate with the NuoDB’s SQL statements the same way they do with the relational database.
However, the architecture of NouBD diverges from the approaches that are used by the relational database. It uses a three-tier structure that comprises of transactional, storage, and administrative tiers. The technology of NuoDB also uses a layered approach, which implies that NuoDB technology can operate without close coupling of data and applications on the same disk drive. Moreover, the technology of NuoDB divides the elements of data into software objects known as atoms. The design of the database is based on the design of the durable distributed cache, which uses the sets of in-memory caches to ensure elasticity within the cloud.

How Stephen Rotella’s Career has Impacted the Finance World

Stephen Rotella is a finance expert who has built his career for the past 30 years. He has acquired sufficient knowledge in operational and strategic leadership in the provision of financial services. Rotella is an expert in areas such as retail, asset management and internet banking. Apart from his career undertakings, he has devoted himself to working with the disadvantaged groups in the community, which are associated with art. His work has had a great impact, and it is greatly appreciated by many people.

Rotella has made many significant accomplishments in his career. He was hired by Washington Mutual to serve as the chief operating officer in the mid-2000s. Stephen Rotella has ample experience in handling operations in brokerage, mutual funds, and banking sectors. He spent a better part of his careers working for Chemical Bank, which was later changed to JPMorgan Chase. The company first hired him as a regular staff member, and he was promoted after a few years due to his excellent performance. The bank made him in charge of the main operation integrations in the country and read full article.

The finance expert was once the CEO of Chase Home Finance. This position assisted him in showing his ability to help in bettering the community and offer affordable lending services. While at Chase Home Finance, he made significant efforts in expanding homeownership. Rotella was also hired by Mortgage Bankers Association and served as the Consumer Mortgage Coalition’s president.

In 2005, he joined WMI Holdings Corporation and was appointed to act as the chief operating officer. He served the company until October 2008. Rotella had excellent knowledge on the functioning of the firm, and this facilitated its success. He understood the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise and assisted it in developing strategic plans that were essential in the bettering the bank’s daily operations. Stephen was in charge of supervising critical section at the firm such as commercial lending, retail banking and home loans. He has used his outstanding knowledge and experience to make positive changes in the finance and banking sectors. Stephen Rotella was once the chair of BalletMet, which is recognized among the leading Columbus-based art enterprises and Stephen of Website.

Out of This World Alien Movies


Alien movies aren’t for everyone, but if you love them you probably can’t get enough. Here are some of the best alien movies of all time.




Released only in 2016, “Arrival” is so masterfully, beautifully executed that we almost hate to call it an alien movie. However, like all good alien movies, “Arrival” tells us about the most important parts of being human. Do yourself a favor and see this before it’s spoiled for you.  One of the best movies about aliens of all time.




Ridley Scott and H.R. Geiger crafted the xenomorphs (yes, that’s what they’re called and they’re one of the most famous movie villains) straight out of our nightmares. It is true that no one in space can hear you scream, but you might want to let your roommates know it’s “Alien” night before watching. For the sake of brevity, we’ll include “Aliens” in this listing, as well.



“E.T. The Extraterrestrial”

Responsible for an entire generation’s love of Drew Barrymore and Reese’s Pieces, “E.T.” is a blast from your childhood that is worth a rewatch. You won’t be disappointed by Spielberg’s effects, in this seminal feel good teen movies.



“District 9”

If you like your alien movies with a heavy dose of social commentary, this one is for you. Set in a South African ghetto, “District 9” forces us to confront the realities of a group of alien refugees.




One of M. Night Shyamalan’s most successful films, “Signs” is a slow moving look at the dynamic of a family who was already in crisis before the aliens came knocking at the door of their farmhouse.

Anthony Petrello-President Of Nabors Industries Limited

Anthony Petrello is a businessman and current Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Limited. Nabors Industries Limited formerly known as Anglo Energy Limited was started in 1968.The Company is located in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Nabors Industries Limited is a drilling contractor that deals in the drilling of natural gas, S and P 500 oil, and geothermal. The organization works mainly in the Far East, the whole of America, Middle East, and Africa. Furthermore, the firm makes the crème de la crème rig reporting software, drilling drives, equipment for drill pipe handling, and directional drilling systems.

After joining Nabors Industries Limited in 1991, Anthony Petrello was elected to the Executive Committee Board, and Board of Directors. From 1991 to October 2011 Anthony served as both the Chief Operating Officer and President, Deputy Chairman since 2003, and Chief Executive Officer and President since October 2011. Additionally, he also worked at Nabors as the Chairman of Executive Committee of the Board from June 2012 to date. Besides, Anthony Petrello offers strategic planning direction and initiative, leading to the company’s success.

Before joining Nabors Industries Limited, Petrello worked with the law company Baker & McKenzie from 1979 to 1991, where he professionalized in taxation, international arbitration, and general corporate law. Anthony Petrello holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Additionally, Petrello holds a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School.

Currently, Anthony Petrello functions as a director of both the Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC.

Additionally, Anthony is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about Anthony Petrello: http://www1.salary.com/Anthony-G-Petrello-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-NABORS-INDUSTRIES-LTD.html

Cotemar Believes That Environment Friendly Is the Way to Go

Mexico is soon becoming the hub for companies to grow and expand owing to the growing economic conditions that the country is currently experiencing. In Spite of this, among all the sectors in the country, the energy and oil industry are one of the few that are going through a backlash owing to the difficulties in establishing themselves. Since a lot of the energy companies present used to use various non-renewable sources of energy for their production, the regulatory authorities have put a stop to their operations, to avoid damage to the environment. This is made energy companies in Mexico rethink their business strategies and come up with more energy efficient business alternatives which they can carry out and not harm the environment while doing so.

Cotemar is one company that has managed to pass all the regulatory tests that Mexico started putting on their oil companies. Cotemar is one of the biggest oil companies in Mexico and has contributed immensely to the overall development of the country. The company believes in only using technology that helps them do as less damage as possible to the environment. The company has gone out of their way to make sure that they stand by the rules and regulations of the state and find effective techniques that can benefit all.

Cotemar believes in being efficient – in both their energy as well as the workings of the company. The company has some of the best fleets in the country to carry out their operations. They aim to become someday a world recognized company that sets the standard for energy and petroleum extractions. Burt Cotemar isn’t just striving to be the best in the international oil sector, but also to be the best company to their employees. Cotemar is known to be one of the best workplaces for employees owing to the immense amount of care they take of the people who come to work.

The company knows that out at sea, it can be dangerous and numerous natural disasters can occur. Therefore, to minimize accidents and mishaps, Cotemar has some of the most technologically advanced lifeboats, ready to go out on rescue operations the moment the need arises. They also try their best to ensure that their employees are both physically as well as mentally fit at the workplace and while they are out on the rig. Also, the company also tracks their employees with GPS chips to ensure that they don’t go missing while at sea.