Rona Borre is a Revolutionary

When Rona Borre graduated from the University of Arizona with a business degree, she immediately got a job with one of the world’s largest staffing and recruiting companies. She totally annihilated all of their sales records that ever been set with the company, so she left.

Borre formed her staffing company in 2001 from the spare bedroom in her Chicago Condo with her dog Henry as her companion. It wasn’t long before things began to happen and today Instant Alliance is located in a fashionable downtown Chicago office. Borre and her 40 plus staff members place technological and finance employees with some of the world’s most recognizable companies and bills in the millions of dollars.   Related articles  on

Borre claims that staffing companies are missing the most important ingredient when they place employees, and that missing ingredient is the relationship between the client and the staffing agency. That is why Borre and her people spend so much time finding out what the client needs in the way of a new employee and how he or she will fit.  More about Borre on

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The Drive of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla continued to be a huge inspiration for all of the women that are trying to pursue a career in marketing and beyond. She has taught me that it is all about working your way up and getting to know whatever product or service you are providing.

She has shown a great example of this by working her way up through the industry. She started small, and she focused on her job in various areas of marketing. She never saw any job as one that was too small. It appears to me that Susan McGalla chased every opportunity as a learning experience. I believe that this was the thing that put her on the road to success. When she was able to master her position I believe that she was recognized and she moved up. She continued to move up until she got into the position of CEO.  More of Susan here.

That is an example for all to follow. What Susan did was make sure that she knew everything she could learn about a position before she moved on. When she finally got to the top she knew how to manage from a top-down perspective because she knew all the other layers throughout the company.

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I believe that her time at American Eagle was valuable because it gave her to experience to work in different levels. She can understand the entire body of the company because she fought her way to the top. Many women today just do not have this drive.  Check on

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Fabletics Has A Very Large Customer Following Of Loyal Customers.

Its been placed into the psyche of the shopper for a too long now that when an item that is marked for sale at the stores and is listed at a costly price, then this is an indicator undoubtedly that the product is made with high value components. On the other hand, the plain fact of life in today’s worldwide market, is that if a product does have a higher price, it is absolutely in no way a suggestion of that product being made from high quality content. Equally, if something is marked at a low cost in the outlets, this does not always indicate that the product is made of lower value. Economically, an items price can not be seen as a sign of the product’s value.


The financial system has recently gone through a sharp decline, now consumers are more aware of their money and do not want not risk the mistake of relying on the traditional view that price somehow has a connection to value. People will today, take more of their time to view the ratings and comments that are linked to an item before the consumer decides to spend their money on the item. Aside from this the consumer will look for products that are created with exclusive patterns, that are manufactured in an assortment of color options, and to do commerce with outlets that get in touch with the shopper to find out the consumer’s feelings about the products they have bought. This type of information aids Fabletics to keep products in stock which they know make the consumers happy.


Fabletics learned from their consumer’s behavior. They have a plan for their members to where a consumer’s interest is documented, whether or not the shopper actually purchases the products. When a consumer at the Fabletics internet outlet browses a product, the item is recorded in a customer database and then weighed against the physical store’s products to ensure that if many internet customers have been browsing that same products, then the physical outlet should also have this product on their shelves. Fabletics is renowned for their very large range of variety in regards to chic workout attire, or casual wear clothes. Fabletics was established by the well respected celebrity Kate Hudson with the assistance from two close friends. Fabletics keep an eye on the modern trends in style, and keeps their outlets stocked with similar products to maintain that they have the attention of their important shoppers. Their staying current with fashion is what has made the enterprise stay at the head of what many consider to be the “activewear” field of clothing.


Amazon is also a popular garment retailer for internet purchases. Their accomplishments have permitted them to keep a strong grip on approximately 20% of the garment market in online sales. Fabletics also made incredible progress to attain profit. They expanded to become a $250 million outlet in only 3 year’s time.

Chris Burch Knows What Makes Successful Fashion Trends

The business world has many industries that provide a lot of popular products and services to the general public. While every industry brings different benefits to the business world, some industries provide benefits that are unique to the particular industries. An industry that provides a lot to the public regarding trends and innovation is the fashion industry. Many popular fashions come directly from the fashion industry.


Many popular fashion trends are started by the fashion industry. One of the reasons why the fashion industry is at the center of the fashion world is because people look to the fashion industry for guidance regarding fashion. The way many people dress and look is based in some ways on the fashion industry. For companies in the fashion industry, the popularity of the fashion industry makes it very difficult to succeed in the industry.


Companies in the fashion industry usually have to bring fresh fashion ideas and concepts to the public to make an impression regarding fashion. One of the fashion ideas that has been well received in recent years has been the use of technology with fashion. Numerous fashion companies have taken the use of technology and combined it with fashion designs to create a look that is different than most fashion looks.


Technology provides a different look to most fashion that it is utilized with because technology is outside the thought process of fashion. However, technology has become very mainstream over the past few decades. Technology innovations have come to the public that have made technology one of the most popular industries.


People enjoy the ease and convenience of technology along with the style of technology products. The blend of fashion and technology gives fashion companies an interesting combination that can pull interest from many areas of the public.


Chris Burch is a business executive who has been running companies since his days in college. A business savvy professional who understands the various aspects of the business world, Chris Burch brings an approach to leadership that produces results. He has a perspective of business that comes from years as an executive.

Chris Burch has been successful starting and running companies for several decades. He has been able to cross industry lines by having successful companies in multiple industries. Chris Burch has accomplished a lot in his professional career. His resume has many impressive success stories regarding companies that he has started and guided to great success.

USHEALTH Group, Inc., Markets Profitable and Competitive Products by Uniting the Talents of Its Agents and Employees

USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that is unites the talents of its agents and employees. This enables it to market its profitable and competitive products. The company is based in Fort Worth and aims at enhancing innovatory health covers to young proprietors and self-employed.

The company recorded great achievements under the tenure of McQuagge. Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of the company, which he joined in 2010. He reformed the company by restructuring the USHA (USHEALTH Advisors), which is one of the captive agencies of the enterprise. Re-building USHA led to his election to the top most position in the company.

The company won Gold in the One Planet Professional and Business Excellence Awards of the year 2016. Furthermore, the company has been appreciated and recognized with most prestigious Awards. The other award that it has received is Stevie Awards. McQuagge believes that the prestigious awards they receive reveal the excellence in the company because such recognition does not just happen.

USHEALTH Group has a family of insurance companies that offer a high level of ingenious health covers. The family has more than fifty years of experience on health covers. This enables them to provide an exhaustive portfolio of arrangement, which guarantees health covers to explicit needs of its clients.

The family of insurance companies provides quality cover to its insured clients, irrespective of the type of policy they hold. Besides, USHA is committed to bettering the lives of other people, since their mission is HOPE (Help Other People Everyday).

USHEALTH Group offers various covers including specified Disease and Accident coverage, Dental coverage, Short-Term Accident Disability Income covers, Vision, Critical Illness and Life coverage. For Specified Disease and Accident coverage, the company recognizes that each client has unique needs. Thus, the company has established a wide folder of covers that accommodates all choices of its customers.

The company distinguishes itself by making a long-lasting relationship with its clients, especially in a market that has low customer loyalty and high turnover. This relationship has made it become a trusted company that consistently achieves its dependability promises.

USHEALTH Group has about fifteen million clients. Furthermore, their mission is to protect them from financial hardship, which comes due to unpredicted injury or illness. The company ensures a piece of one’s mind in keeping to its financial protection promise, which is afforded by its insurance coverage.

Hallmarks of USHEALTH Group

The hallmarks of the company’s products are reliability and affordability. Consequently, the company can cover for daily medical expenses and other serious medical events. For having served in the industry for more than fifty years, its family of insurance companies brings the unparallel blend of innovation and experience to everything it does and It’s resume.

EOS Lip Balm is Leading in the Industry Because Entrepreneur Mehra Focuses on Flavors and a Fun Experience

EOS Lip Balm, and it’s introduction to the public has been very quiet, but recently it has overtaken the all-time leader in the lip balm industry, Chapstick and Blistex. EOS or the Evolution of Smooth has come on the scene with over 14 flavors in a curious round ball applicator. This was a tremendous change to the cylindrical tubes of Chapstick that only offered the original, cherry, and mint.

EOS launched seven years ago, and it slowly grew in the market debuting in Walgreens’, Walmart, eBay and Target. As the fledgling company slowly gained popularity, celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus picked up the Facebook trend in Hollywood and millions began to take notice of the natural, organic lip balm in the ball-shaped containers. Organic products are in high demand, and EOS is now second to Burt’s Bees, which is also natural.

The future of EOS lip balm is bright. Marketers’ in the company project that sales will be near $2 billion by 2020 and today, the upstart company has become a leader in the lip balm industry.

The company today is valued at $250 million, and EOS outsold both Chapstick and Blistex. The colorful and tasty organic balm is fun and tantalizing to wear. As the user refreshes their lips, flavors like honeydew and grapefruit add a twist and a kiss of flavor, which Chapstick couldn’t compete with.

The little balls of EOS lip balm have become popular in the unisex and millennial generations, Mehra, the owner and founder, did not want EOS to be a fad or a gimmick, so the shape of the container changed several times before the “little round white balls” were decided on. Besides being organic, the variety of flavors is the next best-selling feature. Mehra specifically said that he wanted to be a desirable experience each time the user put it on.



Dr Walden’s Advice for Patients

There are a lot of plastic surgeries you can do, but you have to know about the doctor you are using. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers ideas to help you find a great Doctor and have a good surgery experience.


Ask Questions

One of the biggest things you should do is to ask questions so you can find out about the Doctor you are going to be using. You should find out if they are good at their job. Any great Doctor will have photos that show their work. This way you will be able to see what they do for their work.


Another thing to ask about is what they do most. They may only do a few different surgeries. That is why it’s important to know what ones they excel at so you know the Doctor knows what they are doing for your procedure.


Ask For Referrals

Another big thing you will want to do is ask for referrals from their customers. This way you will talk to real people that have had them for a Doctor. Then you will get a real view of who the Doctor is and what they do well with.


There are a lot of ways you can find out about the Doctor you are using for your surgery, but Dr Walden is a great example of a good Doctor that will do a wonderful job. All you need to do is give her a call and set up an appointment today. Then you will see for yourself.

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Ricardo Tosto Discusses Some Finer Points of Brazilian Election Law

In Brazil, participation in the electoral process is mandatory for most people. Citizens aged 18 to 70 must vote in elections or they may suffer sanctions for being in violation of electoral law. Because citizens are required to vote at their assigned polling station, it is possible to request a waiver which is to be presented at the nearest polling station. For citizens traveling abroad, there is a 30-day grace period to present an excuse to any polling station upon their .

Brazilians who do not vote in a given election and do not subsequently receive an excuse from an electoral judge in 60 days receive a fine. However, habitual offenders face stiffer penalties. Any citizen under obligation to vote who fails to participate in three consecutive elections has a 6-month grace period to request an excuse from the Regional Elections Court. If an excuse is not granted, the citizen’s voter registration will be canceled. Citizens with canceled registration cannot hold elected office or hold employment in government at any level. There are additional sanctions, including the inability to be issued identification or a passport.

Ricardo Tosto is the founder of one of Brazil’s premier law firms, Ricardo Tosto& Associates. Ricardo Tosto is active as a litigator in several areas of the law, including elections and constitutional law. A graduate of the McKenzie Presbyterian University, he also has a host of publications to his name and is a member of a number of international legal organizations.

In addition to his legal career, Ricardo Tosto is highly regarded as a historical writer. He is a strong believer in lifelong learning and actively mentors young lawyers as they begin their careers. Ricardo Tosto has been in private practice for more than twenty years and has built one of Sao Paulo’s most respected law firms.

Maggie Gill–Strength through Leading–That is What Maggie is All About:

There are many leaders in the world: Some inspire, some disappoint and others are role models: If anything, Maggie Gill is an icon. Her daily influence at Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia has been sensed and respected during her tenure at the very progressive health care institution in historic Savannah, Georgia. Look at Maggie’s history, as to leadership, and she rates second to none. What is Ms. Gill’s secret? She is compassionate, fiscally concerned, and is not afraid or shy about “stepping up to the plate,” during a crisis situation. Ms. Gill “humbles” many persons, inspired by her subtle approach in performing the day-to-day duties, required of her as CEO of the eminent Memorial Health.

Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) whom Maggie has served is an award winning healthcare institution. It comes complete with six hundred and four beds. It is considered an Academic Medical Setting. The progressive institution, which Gill oversees, services a thirty five county area, within the south portion of S. Carolina, and Southeast Georgia. The provider, is considered to administer exceptional service, as is evidenced by its many awards–as to “Standards of Excellence.”

Maggie Gill came on board at the progressive academic health care institution (MUMC) as its V.P. of Finance and managed Care in 2004. She moved on, from this role, to that of Memorial Health’s COO in 2005. When it came time for the academic institution to find a new CEO they did not need to look far: because Maggie Gill, with her terrific leadership style, was sitting “right under their noses:” She assumed the role of CEO of Memorial Health in 2011.

Maggie is pointed in a different direction: with regard to her career horizon. The Board was surprised to hear that Maggie Gill wishes to depart Memorial Health–since–as is the case with all great leaders–other opportunities are calling her even further forward. Its Maggie’s decision alone, to take advantage of other choice career steps and focuses–not surprising–due to her conscientious nature, and her dominance in a leadership role. The Board, at Memorial Health, wishes Gill the best, naturally. She is currently the “face” of the progressive care provider. And true to Gill style, she mentioned that she would, of course, stay-on-board, until which time a leadership replacement was located. Gill made her departure announcement at the beginning portion of February of 2017.

There are not many persons like Maggie Gill. She brings caring concern to every area, wherein, she builds rapport and communicates healthcare fundamentals and objectives. The areas which Ms. Gill oversees are listed below:

Gill is leader of all V.P.’s, Senior V.P.’s and Physician Leaders. She holds direct responsibility, too, as it pertains to Physician relations, governmental relations, the Internal Audit area, the Orthopedic and Neuro-science Programs, the Heart & Vascular Institute, Perioperative Services, the Financial Assistance area, Corporate Communications, Facilities Management, and Trauma Services.

Prior to joining Memorial Health, Maggie worked, in a leadership capacity, for Tenet South Florida Health System. She served in the capacity of CFO.

Maggie earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Florida State University, and a Masters degree from Saint Leo University in Florida.


The Relevance of Desiree Perez at Tidal

Tidal is a music streaming service that people just cannot seem to count out. There have been a lot of struggles, and a lot of people may have assumed that Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, may not be able to take this company very far. He has given Desiree Perez free reign to come in and make the necessary changes to elevate this company, and it really has worked well within the last couple of months.  Check  on

There is no doubt that this will be one of the most interesting companies in the music streaming era. Jay-Z has come forth and allowed people to see music in a much different light, and Desiree Perez has definitely been great at helping him build his music streaming service up.  Hit on .

It is no surprise that he tapped into a resource like Desiree Perez. She was already a family friend because Jay-Z is best friends with her husband. This allowed them to interact and talk about the issues that Tidal was facing. Desiree Perez processed all of this information and she made a conscious decision to help Jay-Z turn things around. It is a very interesting thing to see someone like Desiree Perez working behind the scenes. She definitely has a knack for business, and this is evident from the contract that she negotiated for Roc Nation Sports.

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Perez is a fierce business woman that has the ability to give people access to a whole new level of music that they can’t get anywhere else. This is the angle that she worked from when she was helping Jay-Z create a much more interesting version of Tidal. She want people to know that there was something different about this music streaming service, and that has been the thing that has allowed it to rise.

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