James Dondero, the co-founder, and president of Highland Capital Management announced the grant that they made to The Family Place. The one million dollar award was to help in the campaign The Family Place had started, that would raise money for construction and operation of a new counseling center for family violence victims. The Family Place was opened in 1978 and since then has done a good number of counseling, provided lifesaving shelter and answered distress calls from victims. Has also helped teen dating violence and bullying which had been a big problem in schools to the extent of causing drop outs. The Family Place is planning to open a shelter for men and their children too.

Highland Capital Management has risen to fame over time since it started; its asset value is right; approximately worth sixteen billion dollars. The company has a diverse client from corporations to foundations, government, high net worth individuals, and so many others. It gives back to the society through The Highland Dallas Foundation which is a nonprofit organization. This is one company everyone has to look out for in the future because the management being led by the president James Dondero are not showing any signs of slowing down.

Mr. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada in 1993, and the company ranked among the top in most experienced global alternative credit managers. He is also a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote and the chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and CCS Medical. James has more than thirty years of experience in credit and equity market, and he is excellent at what he does.

James Dondero graduated with highest honors from the University of Virginia having a double major in Accounting and Finance from McIntire School of Commerce; he is a Certified Management Accountant and approved Chartered Financial Analyst. He worked at the American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst for some time then became the Portfolio Manager. Mr. Dondero is a very educated and with the vast of experienced combined makes him shine in his leadership and management; results are seen in the company that he co-founded.

Wen By Chaz And Their Unique Shampoo/Conditioner

Wen by Chaz is a brilliant shampoo-conditioner that is used by women around the world to ensure their hair will be cleaner and healthier. A lady who is concerned about their hair must ensure they have chosen the shampoo to keep their hair in the finest condition, and they may wash with it every day to keep their hair soft. Hair will grow more with the shampoo, and they will see their hair become healthier with the conditioner. This article explains how Wen by Chaz solves hair troubles in one bottle.

#1: How Much Shampoo Is Required?

A woman who uses Wen by Chaz needs a few drops of the shampoo to get the full effect, and she will see the impact of the shampoo on her hair over the course of many showers. She will have more confidence to brush and use WEN products on her hair, and her roots will be much darker. A lady who has trouble with her hair must shampoo with the product every day, and she will notice she is not afraid of her hair anymore.

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#2: What Is The Conditioner For?

The conditioner will keep hair from growing thin and clumping or falling out. There are many women who do not do anything to their hair because they are afraid of what will happen. They avoid all the treatments they could do to their hair because they know it may not help. Wen by Chaz is the one of the finest conditioners in the world, and someone who wishes to use their hair products must have stronger hair.

Every lady who uses the shampoo will see her hair darken and thicken. She will feel better about her, be able to use a hair dryer or iron and she will have more confidence in her hair.

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Wengies Life Hacks Video

Wengie was born in China and moved to Australia at a very young age. She is currently one of the top Australian beauty gurus on YouTube. To date she has over 5 million loyal subscribers. She makes a variety of differeng kinds of videos. Each of her videos feature unique and creative ideas that not only entertain her viewers but also helps them. One of her most viewed videos is her life hacks video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pfTM2Pehbj8 in which she shows her viewers 10 different life hacks they can use to make everyday things even easier.


One of the best tips is for people who tend to be forgetful especially in the morning. If you find yourself leaving things behind such as your cellphone or wallet when you leave the house be sure to put it somewhere you can not miss it. The night before place the items in a pile right by the door. It will make it easier and much more convenient to remember. Another great tip Wengie shares is how to remove lint from your sweaters quickly and easily. All you need is a shaving razor. Simply use the razor to very lightly brush over the sweater to remove any lint and dirt. This is great especially if you are in a hurry.


Another great tip Wengie shares is how to never forget or overbuy something when food shopping. Before going shopping simply take a few photos of the stuff inside your fridge. It will help you to keep track of what you need and don’t need while shopping. It is such a simple hack yet so helpful. Wengie also shares some tips and tricks for better cereal, easier showers and even tips for keeping garbage bags in place.


With so many great tips and tricks through this life hack video it is easy to see why it is one of her most viewed videos. Wengies interesting and bubbly personality is not only fun to watch but also very informative. It is easy to see why she has millions and millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.

Jeffrey Schneider Participation in the Business Industry

Jeffrey Schneider graduated with a degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He is an entrepreneur as well as a very successful businessman. He has worked before with Paradigm Global Advisors as well as Axiom Capital Management. He also worked for hand in hand with Merril Lynch, Smith Barney and Alex Brown. He is currently the CEO and founder of Ascendant Capital a boutique that is situated in Austin.


Ascendant Capital is an extraordinary company that its services include; sales, marketing, operational services and initiative approach in financial constructing. It also provides capital to prominent substitute fund sponsors. Family offices, broker-dealers, private banks and Registered Investment Advisors are some of the experts the company works with, in the providence of their services globally.


Jeffry Schneider has had a good hand in leadership skills which have seen the company grow for so many years, the number of employees also keeps increasing. The success of Ascendant Capital includes a sum of almost $1 billion after collaboration with 250 investment advisors, fifty broker-dealers and a number of family offices. This money has assisted in the purchase of tech companies, auto contracts and real estate. Jeffrey Schneider has much more positive expectations for his company because of the great teamwork.


So far in these years the market will have a great hand in the proportion of substitute investments. Schneider is motivated by these especially when it comes to investments because they can increase holding and reduce instability. Ascendant Capital keeps developing each day and it is their desire to keep growing in the trending market.


Culture is one of the main principles that have also contributed to the success of Ascendant Capital. The culture includes the specific environment that the employees of Ascendant Capital are in, it promotes open talks and trust. The team members are able to create transparency between them that leads to success. Jeffrey Schneider and his company ensure that investors come first before any other thing.


Jeffrey Schneider takes traveling as one of his hobbies. Europe, South America, Asia are some of the countries he has explored. He has also participated in a number of marathons, iron man and ironmans, therefore keeping fit is part of him as well as having healthy meals. Among other things he also gives back to the community, he is associated with The Gazelle Foundation, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries and Cherokee Home for Children.

MB2 Dental Lets Dentists Get Back To Caring For Patients

MB2 Dental Solutions was founded in 2009 by CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. After becoming frustrated with the problems that face the dental industry, Villanueva founded the company in hopes of providing dentists with solutions that would allow them to get back to what they do best, dentistry. MB2 Dental combines the great traits of practitioners and group practices while taking away the negative from them. The company has grown to have over 75 employees and over 70 dental offices they are affiliated with. With affiliated offices in states like Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tennessee, MB2 Dental takes each practice and office to the next level while taking away their burdens.


Patient care is the most important aspect of the dental industry. MB2 Dental provides services to their affiliated offices that allow practices to focus on their patient care as MB2 Dental takes care of everything else. This solutions company provides human resources services that handle things like payroll, employee relations, benefits, compensation, and labor relations. They provide accounting and finance services like taxes and reports, and credentialing services to ensure their affiliated offices are in accordance with any and all regulations and standards. MB2 Dental also provides compliance services like office compliance programs, internal monitoring, and monthly audits, in addition to their IT services which provide their affiliates with exceptional services. Their IT services include data management, remote and on-site computer support, backup and disaster recovery, business network solutions, maintenance plans, surveillance installation, and telecom/data services. They even provide their offices with marketing services to boost clientele and recruiting services to ensure they hire only the best employees in their offices. MB2 Dental takes the guesswork out of running any office, leaving dentists with only one concern: caring for their patients.


MN2 Dental couldn’t function with such success without the help of its leadership team. At the head of the team sits founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. He holds years of experience in various areas of the dental field and has always been an advocate for the doctor-focused practice model. This advocacy led him to establish MB2 Dental Solutions, one of the only and largest doctor-owned dental support organizations in the entire country. Next on the leadership list is the company’s President, Justin Puckett. He has been involved in many aspects of the dental industry as an attorney and executive. His experiences in corporate finance, accounting, and corporate law provide him with the perfect knowledge that allows him to help affiliated offices become successful.