Raj Fernando – A True Difference-Maker

There are a lot of titles you can attribute to Raj Fernando. He is a businessman, donor, philanthropist, and political fundraiser. He began cultivating all these skills while he was earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and History at Beloit College. At that time, he volunteered at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 2002, Raj Fernando started the Chopper Trading Company. This was a technology based trading company that made trades on the worldwide exchange. Though he began at the lowest entry level job, he quickly moved through the ranks to become the company’s CEO. He built Chopper into a technological powerhouse with over 250 employees. He advanced through the ranks because he focused on open, competitive and financially sound markets. As CEO, he designed, implemented, and managed sophisticated risk management systems.

In 2015, Fernando sold Chopper and moved on to become the Founder and CEO of Scoutahead. This internet startup company was created to improve corporate and professional growth and productivity. Through Scoutahead, Fernando was able to promote cyber security initiatives. These initiatives were developed using secure and advanced communication systems. Fernando made it a point to recruit only A-listers for his new company because he wanted employees for life. One goal of the lengthy hiring process was to be sure to get an employee with the attitude that fit the culture of the company. Fernando was sure to take care of his employees as well. He created a family atmosphere with a relaxed and pleasant environment. This was to counteract the high pressure and stress of the work performed. Scoutahead also created a template for a more innovative and employee centered annual review process. This system has employees setting their own goals and reviewing their own performance, while receiving regular feedback from their supervisors.

Despite his schedule, Raj Fernando still finds time for Philanthropic ventures. He is on the Board of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and PAWS. He also supports the Wounded Warrior Project and Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Raj Fernando is clearly a difference maker.

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A Short Biography Of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent businessman from Dallas, Texas. One of his best known enterprises is Timber Creek Capital. This company is a widely known provider of investment services and advice.

However, this has not been his only successful company. In fact, Marc Sparks has had a number of successful endeavors. These companies are still active, and he now is managing multiple successful corporations.

In addition, he has had a lot of involvement with the telecommunications industry. Some examples of telecommunications businesses that he has been involved with include Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom, and Jay Wireless.

He has helped these companies to grow and develop over the course of time. These companies are still successful and well known in the industry.

While Timber Creek Capital and his other endeavors have been quite profitable for him, he doesn’t simply keep his earnings for himself. Instead, he has given a lot of money to non-profit organizations. One example of an organization that he has given money is a homeless shelter in his area, called the Samaritan Inn.

He also has assisted the Habitat for Humanity in the building of homes. Additionally, he helps to provide educational services to those in the Dallas, Texas area by supporting an organization called the America Can! Academy.

In addition, Marc Sparks and his wife run a competition for non-profit organizations. This competition is called The Spark Tank, and it provides the winning non-profit organization with five thousand dollars in funding.

There are several requirements for non-profit organizations to be accepted into this competition. Once they are, they go through a series of rounds before a winner is determined. In addition to a first place winner, there is also recognition given for second and third place in the competition

Additionally, Marc Sparks has written a well known book, called They Can’t Eat You. This book provides entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be with encouragement and business advice.

Not only has this book helped many people, but it has also sold well. They Can’t Eat You can be purchased in bookstores, and it is also available online.

Fresh controversy for Laidlaw investment Bank

Fresh reports have appeared indicating that Laidlaw is back in the limelight again. This time round, they are embroiled in a lawsuit with a clinical stage company known as Remalda Therapeutics. The clinical stage research company had sued the investment bankers earlier, stating that they were acting in contravention of some of the contracts they had made.

Remalda had hired Laidlaw as their investment banker in 2014. The company, which has been in operation for a decade deals with services such as organizing IPOs for their clients, following up on any offers after the initial shares offer, registered directs and pipes. Mathew Eitner and James Ahern are the company’s leaders. When the company started, they were doing great service for their clients, but things have gotten out of hand and recently they have dealt with a few too many controversies from disgruntled clients. Some of the cases they have dealt with include the customer complaints launched against them is 2008 in which FINRA had to intervene to force the company to address customer dissatisfaction.

The current lawsuit has been amended by the complainant who claims that they are owed fiduciary duty. This is resulting from information that was disclosed confidentially to the investment banker by the client, but there has been breach of that confidentiality. As a result, the information reached the public domain and caused the company losses. The company also claims that they had been given an injunction and a restraining order to stop the investment banker, orders that seem to have been ignored.

Remalda Therapeutics have contacted their clients and in a letter, informed them about the details of the case. They have expressed gratitude to the partners that have continued to support them as they seek justice. They are planning to continue pressing the investment banking entity until a solution to their legal problem is found.

How Eric Pulier Has Transformed The World Of Entrepreneurship

Eric Pulier is among professionals in the business world who have directed their focus beyond just earning. He has come up with solutions that are elevating young professionals to become the future entrepreneurs and enhance the achievement of success among investors. Eric Pulier has also been active in several philanthropic organizations and has offered technology that has simplified processes in different philanthropic foundations across the world.

To help young entrepreneurs achieve success, Eric Pulier has founded several ventures, among them Akana Media, Digital Evolution and Trident Capital. He has been a key person in the running of these organizations and his past successes have motivated many young professionals to embrace business.

Educational background

The educational background of Eric Pulier is one of dedication and pursuit of passion. Since early childhood, Eric Pulier wanted to become a technologist and he started learning programming in fourth grade. When he joined high school, Eric was able to launch as database company.

He proceeded to conduct research in the field and the interest pushed him to join the MIT College for a degree in Computer Science. He also pursued English and American Literature at the Harvard University. Eric Pulier graduated from both colleges in 1988 and proceeded immediately to launch his first idea, People Doing Things.

Career and growth

In 1991, Eric Pulier decided to relocate to Los Angeles, where he would pursue his career better. At this point, he had all the resources and skills necessary to kick-start his plans. His first company, People Doing Things, focused on happenings in different government sectors and after its success, he proceeded and founded Digital Evolution in 1994.

His career peaked in 1997 when he won a contract with the government to head the Technology Exhibition during the second inauguration ceremony of Bush and Al Gore. Titled ‘Bridges to the 21st Century’, the presentation offered a preview of the different sectors of the government and how they fared over the period the two were in power. He also presented a review of technology and showed the future plans. To make the event more interesting, Eric organized for a live interaction session with the space shuttle astronauts.

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