How Women Typically Met Men Before and After Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Involvement

Dating is such a funny topic. For one thing, there are unwritten and unspoken rules of engagement. Men were to be the aggressive ones and the initiators while women were waiting for men to approach them. This has brought forth disadvantages in that women were not always going to get the man they wanted with this approach. Fortunately, there were ways that women could influence the interactions. Subtle hints such as a smile and other signals can help men make the approach. However, this would only take them so fat in influencing the type of men that walk into their lives.

Fortunately, there are women that are challenging the rules of engagement and even encouraging other women to do the same. Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of these women that are challenging convention. She is doing so through online dating. She is using the swipe-right platform in order to bring forth something refreshing for women. She has developed Bumble with the purpose encouraging women to take the initiative. She wanted women to understand that it is okay for them to initiate with a man. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of men who would appreciate women who approach them.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has not only designed Bumble with the principle of allowing women to make the first move, she has followed that principle when she has met Michael Herd, who is her current husband. One of the best things about this type of relationship is that Michael Herd can be sure that she wanted him. Also, Whitney Wolfe can rest assured that she is attractive because Michael has agreed to get into a relationship with her.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has done is shown that she is willing to be an example of the type of life that she wants other women to live. After all, one of the best ways to lead people is to provide a demonstration of what is being talked about. Just talking about something is not going to be very effective for people. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to lead with their examples.

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Adam Milstein leading pro-Israeli philanthropist

Adam Milstein has become one of the leading pro-Israel philanthropists in the United States. Because of that he has earned multiple awards for his philanthropy and influence. The Jerusalem Post in 2016 named Adam Milstein as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world. Milstein has been named as one of the top 200 philanthropists in the world because of his social media presence and influence. These awards highlight Adam Milstein’s philanthropy on a global stage.

Milstein has decades of experience in both the non-profit arena and the for-profit world. Adam was born in Haifa, Israel and eventually joined the Israeli Defense Force and even served in the Yom Kippur War. He later emigrated to the United States in 1981, where he studied at the University of Southern California, graduating with multiple degrees. While in California, he established the Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation provides charitable and philanthropic services to pro-Israel organizations that strengthen the Jewish people, Israel, and the necessary U.S. – Israel relationship.

As he continued his work, Milstein established himself as a leader on advocacy and philanthropy. He’s worked to fundraise for programs that support jewish education, pro-Israel advocacy and Jewish continuity. Adam Milstein also created the Israeli-American Council. The council originally started as a local resource but it grew rapidly all over the country and now the council has reached over 5 million Jews in the United States and 500,000 Israeli-American Jews living in the United States. The council works to support the Jewish state and foster cooperation and friendship between, non-Jewish Americans and Israelis. Adam Milstein serves on the board of several non-profits including AIPAC, Birth Right Israel and Hasbara Fellowships. Adam Milstein continues to help the Israeli-American community both financially and with advice. Milstein continues to be recognized as a leader in the American-Israeli community. Milstein also delivers his advice and message through different platforms including a pro-Israeli podcast that features many types of people including policymakers, artists and elected officials who are on the front lines in the pro-Israel communities. Milstein has made a serious impact on American Jewish life style and more

End Citizens United Working for the Betterment of the Country

For any country to stay united and progress without any interference, its government has to play a significant role. The United States is the most developed nation on the planet and is also regarded as the financial superpower of the world, but when it comes to politics, there is as much corruption in the country as any other example that may come to your mind. The elections in the country, as many political experts analysts put it, are rigged to a certain extent. It is primarily because the Supreme Court judgment on the campaign finance rules in 2010 has allowed the vast corporations and affluent individuals to spend as much money as they want on elections without being held accountable.

The expenditure on the election campaigns have soared beyond reasonable measures in the last few years, and it has impacted the way the people think about the elections as well as the political candidates who stand for these elections. The fancy election campaigns that are fuelled by the endless amount of money would naturally influence the public in one way or the other, and it indirectly leads to the results that the corporations desire. End Citizens United is a well-known PAC or political action committee in the United States that wants to bring back the power of elections in the hand of the people, where it rightly belongs. Most of all, End Citizens United wish to spread awareness of how the money in elections is influencing the voting decisions of the people.

Many times, it has been seen that even though the opponent of the political candidate who won was a better candidate, but due to lack of funds and fancy election campaign, he or she couldn’t win the hearts of the people. It cannot be denied that election campaigns need money for organization and outreach, but there has to be accountability and transparency. It is what is missing in the election campaign finance rules currently, and End Citizens United wants it to happen to ensure that the corporations and wealthy individuals do not use government as their puppet to fulfill their ambitions and business favors.

End Citizens United has been getting funds from the everyday people of the country, and it aims to spread further to different parts of the country. It wants to do so not only to collect donations but also to let people know of the mischievous designs of the huge corporations and how the country’s elections are rigged through the lavish use of money. End Citizens United wants to support the political candidates who want to win elections not to favor the corporations, but for the betterment of the society we live in, rehabilitate the low-income families of the community, make crucial economic revival programs, end racism, pass the bill to protect the environment, and more.

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Choose Professional Dental Services to Protect Your Smile

Are you tired of not having the confidence you need to interact with the public? Do you wish you had a brighter smile to be able to have confidence in front of your co-workers? MB2 Dental allows their patients to receive personalized dentistry and protect or maintain their smile. Their friendly team of professionals are there to assist you before, during, and after your treatment. Your smile is the only one you’ll ever have and to protect it, you should always seek professional care says, lead dentist at their award winning dental office. In fact, he encourages you to seek pediatric dentistry for your child to avoid uncomfortable procedures and high dental bills later on.

MB2 Dental Services

– teeth whitening

– braces traditional/Invisalign

– correct spaced teeth

– jaw realignment

– oral cancer screenings

– tooth decay

– gum disease

– orthodontist referral

The professionals at MB2 Dental believe you should never have to sacrifice your dentistry because of an inability to pay. You can easily pay-as-you-go with their payment plan options. They allow their patients to get the dental care they need today and pay when they can over time.

Your smile should give you the confidence to communicate effectively because you’re not trying to avoid letting someone see your teeth. Do you suffer from bad breath? A professional can help you get to the cause of your unsightly breathe as well as advice you of ways of how to eliminate bad dental odor. You can also try to quit smoking cigarettes which are easy steps which your dentist will recommend. This generation is very over protective about the way they look and we’re in an appearance driven society. Ironically, more people are choosing to see a dentist to improve their smile than ever before.

Trust your smile to a dentist who will give your personalized care with your smile. In fact, you have the benefits of a spa dental treatment to avoid the risk of anxiety for cowards of all ages. They will also help your child understand the importance of taking care of their teeth now and throughout their lifetime. There is no need for you to ever go a prolonged period of time without the dental work you need to have an award winning smile which will carry you a lifetime. You’re invited to speak to one of their customer service professionals at MB2 Dental to schedule a free consultation today.

George Soros Shows What it Means to be a Philanthropist

George Soros, a billionaire who is well-known for his philanthropy and support of democratic ideas, recently donated $18 million dollars to The Open Society Foundation-nearly all of his net-worth. George Soros became wealthy by extreme success at Wall Street founded The Open Society Foundation in 1984 in attempts to promote democratic ideas and individual freedoms, he himself growing up in Nazi Occupied Germany and Communist Budapest, making it so that he indeed knows what the opposite of an open society looks like. His past can be seen embedded into all of his work, some of his first acts of of charity came in the form of providing scholarships to South Africans when the country was going through apartheid and providing photocopiers to those in Europe during the cold war to reprint books that were destroyed through communist rule. It is apparent that he puts the utmost value on individual freedoms and sends a message that regardless of ones place in history, there will always be those who will fight for what is trying to be ripped away.

Given the current state of The United States, individual freedoms are one of the many aspects being robbed from the country, the country declines into a divide more and more each day, and many find themselves unable to know where to begin in dissipating the dark haze The United States has currently found itself in. In November George made a statement saying, “We must do something to push back what’s happening here.” George continued to express that the recent election has woken up dark forces, showing that he in no way intends to hide the reason behind his donation and that it was indeed above all, a message. A country that was once applauded for its diversity is now seeing itself in the beginning stages of crumbling due to the very thing it was once praised for and more

The Open Society Foundation takes a significant stance in protecting individual freedoms and human rights, its work spanning out over multiple countries and combating and having an impact on the most diverse of current social situations. Given Soros’s past the overarching messages behind the actions of himself and the organization are clear. Though Soros’s acts of philanthropy are endless, this particular one stands out from the rest, as it demonstrates what philanthropy really is and the purpose of it, it demonstrates that those who have the capacity to act, have the responsibility to do so.

Lime Becomes a Well Known Makeup Brand

Lime Crime is definitely a company that is going to be getting a lot of recognition in the next year. Doe Deere is now bringing a semi-permanent hair dye to the company that was already known for an outstanding brand of cosmetics that were gender neutral.

Doe Deere is a fan of the generation of millennials that have taken to the way of word-of-mouth appeal about Lime Crime. This is essentially how more than a million people became followers to the Lime Crime Instagram account. It is rare to see any print advertising, and it is even less likely for consumers to see Lime Crime commercials.

There is an easy explanation for this: Doe Deere really does not feel that she needs it. It is true that more people may be exposed to the brand with commercials and print ads, but the downside to that is that it raises the cost of operating. As far as Doe Deere is concerned Lime Crime is functioning just fine with the word of mouth promotion and social media buzz that has catapulted her to success.

It is not a mystery about how someone like Doe Deere became as successful as she is. Anyone that takes a look at her path to success can see that Lime Crime is a brand that has evolved as the consumer base has evolved. More people know about this brand because fans are commenting on the products that they are buying. They think that they are getting good quality, and they want to share this news with their friends and family members.

Lime Crime is the brand that is known for deep and rich colors when it comes to makeup. Doe Deere is also someone that has been known for deep red and purple colors when it comes to dying her hair.

Now others that have seen and it admired these deep colors are now able to get some of these through Lime Crime. This is an expansion of the brand, and it gives new light to what Lime Crime may be able to provide in the future.

Felipe Montoro Jens says infrastructure auctions continue amidst political discussions

2017 has been a busy year but its second half seems to buzz with even more activities than the first one did. According to recent statements by Freitas who is the secretary of the investment partnerships program, there are about eighteen auctions to be held in the remaining half of 2017, and they are set to begin in 2017. He goes on to add that the government will work by the discussions which held in the Congress. Felipe Montoro who is a project expert also sheds light and further emphasises on the matter by saying that the PPI secretary said that no changes would be made to the schedule even with the ongoing political changes that the government is undergoing. Mr Freitas also went on to add to his statements by saying that the PPI is ready to face the critics from the private sector who thought that the primary projects would be shut down.

The current hurdles

Mr Freitas also says that for Brazil to increase its productivity, there will be many challenges along the way some of which involve the modernisation and expansion of its infrastructure. Doing so will help break the monotony of barriers which usually causes investors to shy away from Brazil and as a result causing an increase in unemployment. Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas also went on to add that there is no escaping these challenges because Brazil can’t remain a victim of fiscal budgets forever. As a solution, the PPI’s secretary suggested that creating good governance on significant projects will help a lot in the investment partnerships program. In an example of how doing that works Felipe Montoro highlighted the success of the auction which was held in April.


The number one goal is to correct the mistakes which took place in the past in public-private partnerships sector and prevent them from recurring again. Projects expert Felipe Montoro Jens reported that Mr. Freitas said the presence of international consortia in the auctions which were held in March had left a mark in the overall decisions made by foreign investors when an editorial director of the famous Exame magazine inquired about the matter. He also added that now the Brazilian republic is moving on at a new pace and the mistakes made in the past will no longer be there as they are now moving at a pro-business speed which is set by the new president Michael Temer. Micheal took over the presidency in August 2016, and during his first year in tenure, the PPI held 44 auctions in the infrastructure sector which attracted more than $23 billion from investments.

Drew Madden Firmly Sees More Opportunity in the Health IT Sector

Technology has always moved in to disrupt the old way of doing things. The healthcare industry is not going to be spared either. This became even clearer when it was reported that Amazon is joining the healthcare industry having secured strategic licenses in various states.

Although the licenses Amazon obtained allow it to only supply pharmaceutical equipment, many health industry analysts believe it is just a matter of time before the online retail giant begins the distribution of prescription medication. This will outrightly disrupt the pharmaceutical industry as we know it. The experience of Amazon’s use of technology disrupting the retail sector in the world is still fresh in the minds of many investors. As a result, the stocks of the pharmaceutical industry lost a bit of value as the report came out.

It is not only Amazon that is after the big fortunes in the healthcare industry as another big announcement was made at the same time of another planned big deal. CVS has moved to strategically position itself in a bid to defend and acquire more of its market. The company is planning to take over health insurance giant Aetna. This will be coupled with a nationwide next-day delivery strategy for prescriptions, an option seen as an attempt to counter the entry of Amazon.

Despite the adjustments in the industry, healthcare sector still presents a lot of investment opportunity. Technological innovations haven’t saturated the industry. Investors can introduce technological products in areas such as advanced care planning, post-acute rating and referral systems, and health tracking hardware.

Passion for application of technology in the health sector is what defines Drew Madden. Having worked in the health IT sector for years, Drew Madden has the right experience to spot a great opportunity when he sees one. While working for Nordic, Drew Madden implemented an aggressive growth strategy that saw the company become one the top-most Epic Consulting companies.

Drew Madden is a B.S.E Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of Iowa College Of Engineering. As an entrepreneur, he now focuses on the development of high caliber teams, unique and attractive corporate culture, and client partnerships based on high-level trust.

Life Line Screening Introduces Osteoporosis Check-ups for Clients

Life Line Screening has transformed the lifestyles of many within the United States of America. The healthcare facility focuses on performing tests and screenings on patients to determine the diseases affecting their health. After that, they offer preventive measures and counselling to their clients. With this, they are able to stop the spread of deadly diseases before they become malignant.


The firm recently introduced check-ups on osteoporosis. This is a health abnormality where the rate at which new bones regenerate is slower than that at which the body lose them. The procedures involved employ the technique of ultrasound to study the thickness of tibia. It is the bone which breaks when someone is suffering from osteoporosis. Life Line Screening therefore helps the patients learn about the adversities involved in bone loss. The condition is not easy to detect until when the bones get fractured.

At Life Line Screening, patients are advised to undergo osteoporosis screening to eliminate the risks involved when the condition catches them unaware. The first step is undergoing a scanning procedure, and then testing follows. The screenings are encouraged on a yearly basis and should only occur under the supervision of a highly qualified physician. While undergoing the tests, patients are encouraged to wear loose-fitting clothes and open shoes. The clients should also avoid wearing socks. It is so because the osteoporosis screenings will automatically require them to lose their socks. Thus, not having them saves the medical specialist time.

Patients who visit Life Line Screening for bone density check-up do not undergo any painful episodes during the first stages in which the condition begins to manifest. Nonetheless, they are prone to having their wrist bones breaking. Some also undergo spinal injuries which result in back pains. Life Line Screening diagnoses these symptoms and then offers the preventive guidelines for their patients to follow. The measures are said to reduce the risk of the condition becoming dominant within the body system.

The medical specialists at Life Line Screening have urged patient who belongs to the Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and American communities to be cautious because there are very susceptible to the condition. Again, patients are advised to avoid smoking and do lots of exercises for them to stay healthy. Bone specialists at Life Line Screening also tell their clients to include recommended amounts of calcium in their daily diets to increase bone formation. Those who drink alcohol are as well advised to stop.

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Sahm Adrangi’s Achievements In Research

The Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC’s Chief Investment Officer and founder, Sahm Adrangi, was born in 1981. Mr. Sahm Adrangi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University in 2003. He has served in various positions in Deutsche Bank and Channin Capital partners. In the year 2009, he founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.

Mr. Adrangi started his career in April 2004, as an Analyst in Deutsche Bank where he helped syndicate and structure the bank’s high yield bonds and non-investment grade debt. Later, in December 2005, he worked as Analyst with Channin Capital Partners in the bankruptcy restructuring team where he advised creditors outside and inside court. He then joined Longacre Fund Management as an Investment Analyst.

As the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, he has participated in several aspects of its expansion and development. Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, recently rated at $150 was launched while under $1 million and is famous for publishing and selling research. In 2010, Mr. Andrangi gained fame when he named fraudulent Chinese companies like China-Botics and Lihua Education Alliance.

Sahm Adrangi developed an interest in the biotechnology sector and shared most of his researches about this field and focus on a variety of industries and companies. In the biotechnology sector, he has published researches on companies like Sage Therapeutics, Unilife, Bavarian Nordic and Pulse Biosciences. He has also published his researches on the market valuations and mining prospects. Apart from the publications, he is an active investor. Sahm Adrangi worked with Lindsay Corporation in developing capital allocation policies and cash deployment. He has also been a speaker at numerous conferences such as the value Investing conference and the Sohn Conference. He has been in interviews on Bloomberg and CNBC where he further illustrated his focus in research. Adrangi’s publications can be found on the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.