The Career Accomplishments of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is practice as a futurist, healthcare technology investor, and philanthropist in Arizona. Having successfully graduated from the Arizona State University with a degree in Finance, Jason Hope decided to venture into the business world. The mobile technology initially inspired him for it could reach a broader segment of people. While it is no longer new, the mobile technology still stands a chance to grow and improve. Shortly after graduating from the university, Jason Hope started selling premium text messages, which laid the foundation for him to venture into the medical research and technology world.

Jason Hope makes a fortune from his portfolio of technology companies. He began by founding Jawa, a telecommunication company that would serve as the parent company for his additional partnerships in the tech industry. Today, Jason Hope makes a living from his portfolio of companies, which specialize in digital media solutions, interactive software, marketing services, and computer and business information systems. Jason Hope believes that future of the modern society relies on tech trends. Technology connects places, things, and people across the globe. He has always kept his eye focused on the direction taken by the tech industry, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Unlike other investors, it didn’t take Jason Hope long before he started making a profit. That encouraged him to build his portfolio by investing in other ventures. As an investor, being positive keeps you on toes and focused on the big picture. The success of an entrepreneur depends on how they handle failure and manage operational hiccups. While doubt may cripple, you should use it to fuel your passion for change. Jason Hope has always been drawn to the world of technology. He knew his career would be related to the technology world way back in his childhood. Jason Hope is confident in all his innovations, and that alone encourages him to overwhelm any feelings of doubt, and

Jason Hope’s first referral came by launching public awareness initiatives. He took that reference and built his professional network. Jason Hope also embarks on social media as his marketing platform. He likes using advertising techniques that keep people connected. Jason Hope uses social media to connect with clients and generate new business. Twitter is a great marketing strategy to help you identify new business opportunities, share ideas, and stay on top of clients’ mind. Jason Hope attributes his success to the ability to navigate the future trends.

Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Get to know Equities First Holdings, LLC as they stand on the market. They are considered a global leader within their niche area in their region. Equities First Holdings is a respectable entity and will help their customers as needed. They special in finding alternative lending solutions for anyone who may need it. High net worth individuals can rely on their services going forward as well. Equities First Holdings has made a name for themselves and is featured on Wikipedia.

The company was founded back in 2002 and got their start in London. Now their offices have expanded across the world to Hong Kong and Singapore. That gives them an international presence that needs to be considered too. People want to work with Equities First Holdings on any kind of project. Trust their vision for the future of investing as a whole. That could give investors a new lease on these terms.

Fabletics Success Story

In 2013, the founders of TechStyle Fashion Groups Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted a partner to start a stylish, quality and reasonably priced athleisure brand. Kate Hudson happened to be the perfect fit and Fabletics was created. The Fabletics Company did not, however, have a smooth run despite being founded on a good idea, experienced investors and having a celebrity founder. The brand has had its hurdles earlier on after its launch. There was an issue of quality which delayed the start for six months, and the negative press Kate Hudson faced from other celebrities who felt that the brand’s membership model was a scam. Kate spearheaded an effort to make clear communication the brand’s priority which had Fabletics upgrade its customer service department and implement a new data system.


The data system shows what customers prefer on social media, the quantity of product to make and the type of inventory to design. The data collected also helps Fabletics match their customers with the perfect outfit and producing outfits that the customer will like. Today, Fabletics has grown by over 200%, gaining over $235 million in revenue with more than one million paying members. 85% of the company’s sales generation are from repeat customers, and 17% of new customers are from referrals. The company has managed to gain over 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average TrustScore of 8.2.


Shawn Gold, Corporate Marketing Officer of Techstyle Fashion Group (Fabletic’s Parent company), acknowledges a great deal of the brand’s success to encompassing user reviews or the crowd in their strategy. Several studies have shown that consumer reviews have the direct influence in all industries to increase customer acquisition, improve loyalty and customer retention of brands, and this is how Fabletics has been able to leverage the significant impact of reviews in customer purchases to fuel the brand’s rapid growth.


Most customers today live online. As such they will tend to research on a brand before purchasing and take on reviews before making any decisions. The research helps make an effective crowdsourcing purchase decision. Thus an advantage to Fabletics. The brand has addressed and incorporated user reviews into their policies and product offerings, and they do not stop at that. The brand as well takes on to do an active collection, management, and response to thousands of online customer reviews. The Fabletics brand was able to set an increasing pace after its launch through consumer reviews. The reviews helped refine its products, deal with initial issues and attract new customers.


Shawn Gold points out that crowdsourcing also pushes the brand to be transparent and customer focused. They credit reviews for guiding the name on what the customers want, have a taste for and in what circumstances to improve their lives. Fabletics can make profit on this primarily because they end up producing a product that meets customers’ preference and a client can refer new customers to purchase the product. The company is showing rapid growth with the growing; number of retail stores, membership base and successful partnerships.

The Innovative Richard Mishaan Design Company

The New York based Richard Mishaan Design company was founded in 1991 by Colombian-born Richard Mishaan, who has been called one of the leaders in the art of interior design, having created innovative and inspired designs not only for residential customers, but also for businesses, such as, retail stores and hotels. The talented designer has said that he prefers to create settings based on what his clients desire rather than on his own personal preferences. He feels that the whole interior design process both begins and ends with the client.

He has been called the Mix Master, due to the fact that he is very skilled at putting certain textures and colors together that is not only esthetic in appearance, but that also creates warmth, intimacy and a soothing or positive energy inside a structure. He began his career in designing after receiving a BA degree from New York University and going on to attend the Columbia University of Architecture, then accepting an apprenticeship at the Philip Johnson company.

Having been both a fashion designer, as well as an architect in the past, he developed a keen eye for what elements would work best together. He has used the same techniques to design the interiors of his own dwellings that he’s used to create the artistic looks inside the homes of his clients. His designs have been described as being modern and personal creations that tell a story about the continuation of time.

Mishaan, who has been married to his wife, Marcia, for 27 years, has written two books on the subject of designing. One was called Modern Luxury, the other, Artfully Modern, which was published by Monacelli Press. Because he has been in the interior design business for over 20 years, he was recently asked about what inspires him. He simply said, “Everything.”

Goettl Air Conditioning Wants Everyone To Stay Cool In Summer

Goettl Air Conditioning isn’t just your average air conditioning installation company. They want everyone to be equipped with the knowledge of how to run their air conditioner properly and save money on cooling costs when summer turns very hot. Goettl has been given some of the highest reviews from customers who’ve been impressed with the speed of their work and the expertise they’ve displayed while operating. There are several ways they recommend for homeowners to make their homes cooling efficient and prolong the life of their central air systems.

Goettl’s first tip to customers is how insulating their home can save on the amount of work an air conditioner needs to do, and that insulation should be focused on areas such as the attic because asphalt roofing can absorb a lot of heat. Goettl also recommends putting some dark film on the windows because that can keep sunlight from adding too much heat into rooms that are usually exposed to it. Goettl also says that routine air conditioner maintenance that involves cleaning and changing the filters can also keep an air conditioner performing at peak level. For more details visit Glassdoor

Goettl Air Conditioning is a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of American (ACCA) and has been in business since Adam and Gust Goettlhdm founded the company in 1939. Ken Goodrich is Goettl’s current CEO and he helped turn around the company’s finances and hire more experienced technicians after buying the company’s shares in 2010. Goettl has primarily served residences in the Tempe, Phoenix and Tucson cities, but they’ve also bought out Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air and grown their customer base in southern Nevada. They also have added plumbing services since teaming up with the Sunny Plumber just a few years ago. They’ve also given back to the community through doing free HVAC repairs for needy families and helping veterans attend HVAC training programs. You can visit their Facebook page

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How Rocketship Education Consistently Performs Better Than Its Peers

Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education in 2017 with John Danner, a colleague in the San Francisco Bay Area that was great with technology. The pair helped make personalized education popular, something that its eighteen locations still excel in today. There are in excess of 3,800 students that attend Rocketship Education, found as far north as Milwaukee and south as San Diego. Mr. Smith is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rocketship Education, and earned his position for good reason. Let’s look into some of Preston Smith’s views of education and how others can integrate them into their own teaching endeavors.

In the first year of RSED – short for Rocketship Education – operation, Smith brought in more than 200 students. The next year, the initial Mateo Elementary School roll out brought in 330 students in total.

Smith grew the charter school to its full potential in part by asking parents for so much help. They often care more about their children than anybody else does. As such, looking out for their welfare by screening applicants in panel screenings helps increase the odds of their children getting quality instruction.

They also rely on parents’ feedback of recent events, as they often care more deeply about who their children spend their days around then administrators Many classes receive feedback after they’ve been completed, but few solicit feedback throughout the regular course on a weekly basis. It’s better for administrators to actually improve their educators’ level of involvement to help integrate what students aren’t willing to share with others in a typical educational experience than to leave behind such valuable information.

Parents are urged to be proud of their students’ enrollment in a public school that is leaps and bounds ahead of its proverbial pack. Rather than keep inaccurate views of public school being inadequate when compared to any of their private counterparts throughout the nation. Wanting to be involved with certain types of schools is an often-strongly-held individual view that few editors have the privilege of happening.

Students with special needs are kept in regular classrooms the majority of their time in school. This is in opposition to facilities that keep them in segregated classes that are side shows to the main attraction of public school.

Jason Hope’s Advice To New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs should always have a mission and vision. Focusing on these elements enhances one’s success in business. Most often, new entrepreneurs switch from one opportunity to another hoping that they will earn easy success. However, this is never the case. Sticking with one idea is good, as it helps the entrepreneur to grow it and turn into profitable business that will help him or her leave a mark in business world. Jason Hope has been a proponent of this approach. The entrepreneur has established himself as a futurist with a passion for technology. From his vast experience and knowledge, Jason is able to analyze the industry and know where the technology industry is going.

Hope is a strong believer in the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to shape the future societies. His belief is supported by the tremendous improvements that IoT has brought to the live of users. These benefits continue to grow as more devices become connected. Jason has continued to offer investors with advice on IoT and its future. The futurist’s advice and insights on future technology has been helpful to many individuals and businesses. Today, most corporations are seeking for the ways of getting the most out of IoT in the future.

Jason is a native of Arizona. He was born and raised in Tempe where he did his elementary and high school educations He is a proud alumnus of the Arizona State University, where he graduated with a degree in finance. Moreover, the executive holds an MBA from the University’s Carey School of Business.

As an established businessman, Jason has taken it up on himself to support upcoming entrepreneurs. He has established a grant program where entrepreneurs can submit their ideas for review through his website. Successful individuals are awarded with $500 grants. This money is used by the grantees to improve their ideas. Although the amount is small, it has helped to give the entrepreneurs the strength and courage to continue working on their ideas until they make a breakthrough. The beneficiaries have attributed their success to these grants. They believe that the grant program will continue to benefit many entrepreneurs.

The futurist follows a strict daily routine. After exercising and taking a healthy breakfast, Hope checks his emails, social media accounts, and messages. He works from his computer. Jason has periodic breaks to help him stay composed while working. He loves spending time with his family. The visionary leader makes an effort of enjoying dinner with them when he does have not work-related commitments.

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Rick Smith Guides Securus Technologies into a Corrections Industry Leader

Rick Smith is the current CEO at Securus Technologies, a position he has held from July 2008. During this time, he has managed to drive the company to becoming one of the top leaders in the providence of services to the correctional facilities industry. Rick Smith is vastly experienced for his work having worked in different fields like information technology, operations, finance and other crucial business areas that have equipped him with the expertise and knowledge to run Securus Technologies. His top notch leadership skills have also played a crucial part in his success with the company.

Educational Background

Rick Smith holds an associate degree, which he earned from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick has an engineering degree from State University of New York. He was also awarded with a Masters degree in Engineering from the same institution. In addition, Rick Smith has an MBA that he earned from the Simon School, State University of New York.

Work Experience

Smith used to work for Global Crossing for 26 years from 1972 – 1998, holding a number of positions in the company. He went on to become the president at Frontier Information Technologies. Rick also served as the vice president for a corporation named Midwest Telephone Operations. He held the position of the chief financial officer from 1998 to 2000 at Eschelon Telecom Incorporated. In 2000 he assumed the presidency of the company for a period of three years before he became its CEO. While he was leading Eschelon, the company’s revenue increased from $30 million to about $350 million. He also oversaw a successful IPO for Eschelon in 2005. He stayed on with the company until the year 2007.

Securus Technologies

Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies and became the president as well as CEO in 2008. This was quickly followed by his ascension to become the chairman of Securus Technologies in 2009. The company has had a fierce business rivalry with Global Tel Link. In order to ward off competition from the company, Securus Technologies focused on making their products to be far superior to the ones offered by Global Tel Link. This has seen it retain its huge grasp of the market. The company boasts of the biggest VOIP platform in the corrections industry. Securus serves over 2600 correctional facilities and one million incarcerated persons around the country.

Rick Smith’s Achievements at Securus

Under his great leadership, Securus has experienced tremendous growth. Rick Smith aims at pushing the company towards better provision of technology solutions to protect the society via its diverse products. This involves identifying and preventing crimes committed by incarcerated persons. The company aims at being at the forefront in the development of new products that will assist corrections and law enforcement agencies keep the inmates and the society at large safe.


JHSF: A Leader in the Brazilian High Income Real Estate Sector

JHSF is a leader in the real estate sector of Brazil. The company’s CEO is Jose Auriemo Neto, and they have operations in both commercial and residential markets and the development of shopping centers and upscale hotels. They also manage such developments.

The company has developed a number of shopping malls, with some of them being the Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Ponta Negra and Shopping Cidade Jardim. They currently have over five shopping centers in development.

JHSF is a leader in the industry because they are known for implementing the best sustainability practices when they undertake all projects. Not only that, but JHSF has been the recipient of a number of awards for the work they’ve done and currently continue doing.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the CEO of JHSF and he oversees the company’s interests in hotels, office buildings and public developments. Not only that, but he administers the company’s shopping and retail portfolio. In fact, the businessman oversaw JHSF’s first venture into the retail sector, which was back in 2009. That’s when the company signed partnership deals with Jimmy Choo, Hermes and Pucci.

As for education, the businessman graduated from the University of Sao Paulo before he started to work at JHSF in the early 90s. Jose is married and has kids. He temporarily moved to NYC, so he could oversee the JHSF project at Fifth Avenue. The project involved building a high-rise apartment building that faces Central Park.

If you want to learn more about JHSF or about Jose, then feel free to visit JHSF’s official website.

Introducing the Talk Fusion Free Trial Account

Talk Fusion is one of the global leaders in the video marketing and communication solutions world. The company has been steadily growing under the leadership of CEO Bob Reina for years. Now, Talk Fusion is focusing on opening up their doors in order to introduce more people to the solutions that they offer. Video marketing has become an iconic part of any company’s marketing platform and now it has become easier than ever. Bob Reina introduced the world to Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trial User account and now more people than ever have a chance to get in on the action.


Talk Fusion doesn’t just do anything without extensive preparation. Over the past year the team has been prepping to release their Free Trial User membership for the first time. The reason was simple. CEO Bob Reina knows how valuable his program is and he wants to make sure that everybody who is interested in it can have the opportunity to take part. Reina says, “We wanted to put Talk Fusion’s products into as many hands across the world as fast as we could because we know that when people try our video marketing products, they want to buy them.”


Bob Reina isn’t speaking dramatically and he isn’t overselling the free trial accounts that are on offer. Members who sign up for the first time to Talk Fusion’s platform will be gifted the 30 Day Free Trial in which they can test out all of the great things that makes Talk Fusion effective. These free trial accounts won’t have any restrictions which means that users are immediately going to be available to dig through the massive compendium of information, marketing programs, and the coveted Talk Fusion marketing suite. Users will also be able to use the brand new Talk Fusion website interface for the first time. The free trial account is perfect for businesses, individuals, and even non-profits who want to get a better grasp on their marketing goals.


Talk Fusion has been in the business since 2007. Their work is available in over 140 different countries around the world and it has been translated into 9 different languages. Learn more: