Things you should know about Perry Mandera, the owner of Custom Co. Inc.

Perry Mandera is the smart mind behind the blooming Custom Cares Charities. This organization focusses on offering aid in the transportation sector. Perry went for his high school studies in Chicago. He graduated in 1975. Thereafter, he was recruited into the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He was the motor pool and during this time, he got a chance to learn how to drive. After being discharged, he worked for several transportation companies before he ventured into his own organization.

In 1986, Perry founded The Custom Companies, Inc. it has its headquarters in Northlake Illinois (Customco). the organization extends services to a large number of clients ranging from small businesses owners to Fortune 100 corporations. Perry has employed over 300 individuals thus raised their living standards. The company has engaged in more than $200 million sales since its invention.

The company has grown tremendously thus opening up more offices in various cities in the United States. It stands by its motto which states that one call does it all and the clients can attest to that. Numerous transport services are available under one roof thus making it easier for the customers to access the service they want.

Perry Mandera has created a brand for his company by ensuring that each customer receives personalized services. His emphasis is on quality and affordable services. Perry also advocates for creative ideas on solving any problems that may arise in the company. Most importantly, Perry’s company is at your service all day all night. Other than transportation, Perry has added up a section for warehousing and distribution. This is an indication of professional management which is helping the company to grow.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Perry has engaged in philanthropic activities. He has donated money to organizations for charity including those that deal with youth empowerment, cancer eradication just to mention a few. His company helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the tornado victims in Washington in 2013. Perry has also received numerous honorary due to his selflessness. Perry continues to change the society for better by coaching the youth and aiding those in need.


The Journey Of Eric Lefkofsky In Cancer Treatment

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in America known for his outstanding establishments.He is the C.E.O of Tempus, Groupon, founding partner of Lightbank, a co-founder of uptake technologies, Mediaocean and Inner workings.

Statistics in the United States have shown that almost 40 percent of the adults have cancer; 14.5 million in 2014 had cancer. In 2024 the number is expected to rise to 19 million according to statistics.

When Liz, the wife of Lefkofsky, got diagnosed with breast cancer he had a traumatic experience as it was his first time to be up close with a cancer patient. It was at this time he came to know that the data gathered and digital technology used to treat the patients was not effective. He established Tempus to deal with such issues and provide better services to cancer patients.

Tempus came into existence to ensure patients with cancer get treatment which is efficient and suitable. The company’ objective is to change the way therapy was administered, change cancer care delivery methods and to analyze molecular and clinical data of cancer patients.

Tempus Company which is the forefront of data-enabled precision medicine offers a more defined treatment to patients who get diagnosed with cancer. Doctors have benefited from this platform findings; they can make better decisions for their patients and give them the right prescriptions.

Through Tempus the genome sequencing is now affordable and will contribute handsomely to the data enabled precise medicine project. Lefkofsky and wife Liz have been donating funds through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that they established in 2006, to ensure the lives of the communities is improved and also support the universities in their cancer research programs. Lefkofsky has achieved numerous things in his life including being a trustee member at Lurie’s Children Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

He also serves as an assistant professor at the University of Chicago and continues to accumulate his teaching career. He graduated from the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor at the Law School of Michigan University.
Eric Believes that in future data enabled medicine will be able to treat not only cancer but also other many diseases efficiently.

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Graham Edwards And The Passionate Dedication He Has For Telereal

We have so many articles today that we can read about Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal. But most of them are inaccurate, and some are even dismal and atrociously written. But, there’s hope. We still have articles that can encapsulate some of the great things that he has done both for his company and to his shareholders. This article below might be the one. Let’s read more to find out.


The Creation of Telereal

One big fact you should probably learn about Graham Edwards is that he’s the man behind the creation of Telereal in 2001. Telereal Trillium is one of UK’s leading and largest property companies that handle various real-estate portfolio in different areas in the U.K. communities. With a multi-billion portfolio under its helm and about 86 million square ft. of total floor area under its management, it’s not hard to see why Telereal Trillium is today’s most exciting and fast-growing companies today ( It is even responsible for providing at least 1% of the entire workforce of United Kingdom.

Graham Edwards is also the man responsible for making sure that the areas where Telereal is operating are always covered efficiently and productively. Some of these areas include property partnership development and strategic land development. Its portfolio has even grown to such a successful level that it right now has about 8,000 properties under its management.

The leadership of Graham Edwards could also be the main key factor in making sure that his track record is consistently successful and leading towards the promotion of the vast lands in the entire UK area. From single houses to major projects encompassing large villages and units, Graham Edwards is leading the way and embracing all of them in the effort to provide more jobs, prosperity and opportunities to those who needs jobs in the UK.


Residential Development Market Development

Just because Graham Edwards is overjoyed in the commercial pursuits of the company he is running, it doesn’t mean that he forgets the residential projects that requires a more personal and intimate attention. Right now, at least 2,000 residential units are being bankrolled in Graham Edwards’ mission to provide better, high-quality residential housing options for all.



ClassDojo Encourages Better Classroom Readiness For Students, Teachers And Parents

The education technology industry may not be at the front of magazines like TechCrunch or Inc., but it’s quietly been an area that entrepreneurs are looking into. To really make it in the edtech world, you need to offer a solution that will take on real classroom issues and bring about the transition from traditional pencil and paper to electronic devices smoothly. One app that’s been performing well in this area is ClassDojo, a new classroom social media kind of app that has been growing in use since 2011.

ClassDojo was introduced as an app that simply had teachers assigning points to students based on behavior, and it had a few other features that teachers wanted when the ClassDojo founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don asked them at a gathering. The early version of the app was just simple in its interface yet many teachers became happy about how it afforded easy communication to parents about their students. So Chaudhary and Don decided to build upon that with photo postings on student stories and sharing classroom activities, an interface that’s now started to look a lot more like Facebook. But thanks to parents now seeing these school activities and having instant messaging capabilities with the teachers, it’s allowed them to have more insight into their children’s activities and even save time on having to go to parent and teacher meetings.

One way that ClassDojo is addressing learning challenges is through an animated video series that shows how students change their thinking when faced with challenges that look impossible. The first video series that was put out was done in collaboration with a Stanford University research team and is part of the rest of ClassDojo’s free content. More of these videos are planned to be released as part of a premium content feature that is there if parents and teachers want to pay for it. Thus far Chaudhary and Don have received over $30 million in venture capital for the app, and they’ve put all of the funding into the app because they’ve spent no money on advertising. They plan on using the optional premium content as a way to return investor funds, but they’ve said there’s no rush to do so.

Perry Mandera Believes In Supporting The Community

Perry Mandera is an award-winning businessman who founded the organization known as Custom Cares Charities. Mandera is very dedicated to giving back to the communities that his company operates in. He attributes his efforts to the love of his family and his church.

Mandera is a self-made success story who graduated from high school in 1975. He served with a truck driving motor pool during his Marine Corps Service. This is when Mandera got his first taste of logistics. He received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and immediately set out to make a career for himself in business. Perry began working in transportation when he was 23 years of age. He then decided to start his own business in 1980. The business was successful and sold in 1985.

Perry Mandera launched Custom Companies Inc in 1986. The company has experienced an incredible amount of growth since its inception. It works in partnership with a variety of other businesses that include small organizations and Fortune 500 Enterprises. Custom Companies Inc turns in a 200 million-dollar annual sales number each year. It is based in Northlake Illinois and has affiliate offices spread throughout the nation. Custom Companies Inc is an all in one service provider of logistic services and products.

Perry Mandera has received many accolades for his efforts in business and philanthropy. He was recognized by the Illinois Transportation Association as one of its top 100 Executives of the year in 2000. Mandara now serves as a member of the of the board of directors of the Illinois Transportation Association.

Perry Mandera is a firm believer in community activism and puts the support of his company behind his efforts. He has given his focus to Children’s organizations and Veterans programs. Mandera is also heavily involved with cancer cures research. Perry is a proud member of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation as well as the Jesse White Tumblers Foundation. He puts the capabilities of his company behind his efforts to support the community. For example, Custom Companies Inc used trucks to get coats to children during the winter in the Chicago area.

Perry Mandera has also played a major role in disaster relief. Custom Companies Inc was directly involved in the repair efforts after a tornado devastated Washington Illinois. The company also delivered 40 truckloads of donated supplies to the Mississippi and Louisiana relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.

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Paul Mampilly Spends Time Researching And Thinking To Make Sure He Is Right

When someone is making a decision about something or leading others to believe in the way that they do, they have to make sure that they are right and that there is no chance that they are messing up. Paul Mampilly is someone who has shared that he always looks at the things that he is doing and makes sure that he is not messing up in some way. Paul Mampilly checks to make sure that he is not wrong in the information that he is sharing and the things that he is doing. When he was asked about how he brings the ideas that he has to life, he mentioned that he spends time in research. He and his team thoroughly research each idea that he has before they do anything with that idea.

It is important for a person to have their priorities in order. This is important in the everyday life of an individual and it is important in the business life of a person. Paul Mampilly has shared that he believes that a person has to have their priorities in order if they are going to be successful. He has shared that for him having his priorities in order means thinking of the reader first. He writes a newsletter, and he has to make sure that the writing that he does is beneficial to those who spend time reading that newsletter. This is where the researching comes in, again, as he has to be sharing real and factual information with his readers.

Paul Mampilly has won multiple awards in his lifetime, and he has made appearances on television at various times. He has worked for multiple companies and has poured all that he is into each job that he has held. He received a degree in Finance and Accounting from Montclair University and went on to receive a master’s degree in Finance from the Fordham Graduate School of Business. He is the founder of Capuchin Consulting. Paul Mampilly has more than twenty-five years of experience in the business world, and he has managed millions of dollars in that time.

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Perry Mandera Philanthropist and Transportation Entrepreneur

Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur of renown. He has always advocated for giving back to the community and as such leads from the front in this aspect. His charity and contributions go to the youth and veterans. Equally dear to him is the treatment of cancer. He is determined to contribute to its eradication and therefore supports organizations that are dealing in the same.

Charities such as Walter & Connie Payton Foundation as well as the Jesse White Tumblers are beneficiaries of Perry’s contributions. Perry has in the past donated winter gear for children living in Chicago. Through his company, The, Perry was of help to the families residing in Washington and Illinois during the 2013 problems. The families were beneficiaries of supplies and needed transportation.

During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Custom Companies provided truckloads of foods and other supplies. Perry was also keen on helping the families that were adversely affected by the California wild fires. Sports are also an area that Perry’s organization helps. Sporting events for the children is also an area of interest for Custom Companies. Over 100 programs have benefited from the charity of Perry Mandera.

Seeing as Perry is interested in helping youth and children, he has repeatedly sponsored many disadvantaged children. Families with poor economic muscle have seen their children educated through Perry’s generous gesture. Veterans seeking employment are given first priority by Perry who works hand in hand with Hiring our Heroes.


Coaching the Youth

Not only does Perry donate money to charities that support his causes. He is also generous with his time. Perry finds time to personally coach youth who are interested in sports such as basket ball baseball and basketball.



Perry has been rewarded for both his work as an entrepreneur and his dedication to charity. His commitment to the environmental preservation campaigns has not gone unnoticed. He has been recognized by the Illinois Crime Commission, The Glenview Grind, Two Soldiers and a Marine, The Jesse White Foundation and Sister Paulanne Neddy Family Fund. Perry is an active church member and a husband devoted to his wife and two children.




Impacting the Financial Sector

Many advisors are not talking to their clients about social security. David Giertz points this out during an interview. It is important for financial advisors to talk to their clients about this topic. According to a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial, clients said they would change their advisors if they knew they were not talking to them about social security.

This discussion is important because many people are losing money. Additionally, the social security handbook has about 1200 rules. For clients to read and understand it is quite impractical. They need a knowledgeable person to explain to them the technical parts.

David emphasizes that people need to set up retirement plans that maximize social security benefits. It will be unwise to use the same reasoning as there was several years back. People thought retirement just needs little planning. The pension is no longer reliable because it is depleting quickly. One of the reasons could be receiving benefits that are less than expected.

Another strategy people need to know is that they should wait until they are within the government’s age of retiring. This age is between 65 and 67. These ages or beyond will certainly give one a bigger monthly check. Some people want to receive their benefits at the age of 62. They end up missing out on a large amount of money. Such kind of information is what financial advisors should be telling their clients.

David Giertz is an expert in financial services. He has been working in this industry for more than thirty years. David is good at strategizing and innovation. Through his processes, profitable growths have been realized. For instance, David is working for Nationwide Financial; he began with eleven billion dollars and grew it to eighteen billion dollars.

David has also transformed other mutual funds, annuities, retirement plans, life insurance, and specialty markets. David may enjoy working in the corporate sector, but he is also interested in other areas. He served the community by chairing Millikin University board of trustees. David is an alumnus of Millikin University. It is where he got his Bachelor of Science. He also has an MBA from the University of Miami.

White Shark Media and the Changing Online Market

While many people are aware of the changes that are happening in the overall market. One thing that many people may not be aware of is the changes to the online market. Internet marketing has changed a lot within the last ten years. One of the factors involved in the changes to the market is the changes to the methods of communication. Just 8 years ago, the most important aspect of internet marketing was keywords. People could get away with keyword stuffing. However, when the algorithms changed for search engines, this has caused a rise in standards when it comes to content.

With the changes it was not enough to have certain keywords, content had to be relevant to the keywords. The same principle began to apply to advertising. The only thing is that a lot of online marketers did not have time to do everything. Therefore, they had to find someone who could do the advertising campaigns with them. This is where White Shark Media comes in. White Shark Media has years worth of experience with online marketing. Their particular field is in advertising. They put all of their efforts into campaigns and work with the client on coming up with visual as well as text based campaigns.

One of the most important aspects of advertising is catching the attention of users. If an ad can get the attention of the user, then the advertiser has accomplished the mission. It is then up to the business to show all of the good points of the product that is being marketed. This will give enough information to the customer to decide whether or not this is the type of product he wants.

One good thing about White Shark Media is that it comes up with the campaigns that will bring forth opportunities for companies to make an impression.

End Citizens United Announces Endorsement OfConor Lamb In The 18th District Of Pennsylvania

There is a special election going on in the Rust Belt. Republican Tim Murphy was the congressional representative for the 18th district in Pennsylvania since 2003. He claimed conservative values and yet was caught in a sexual relationship with someone other than his wife and had requested that she have an abortion. This resulted in him resigning his seat which threw it up for grabs.

The two contenders for this seat are Conor Lamb, a Democrat, and a Rick Saccone, a Republican. This seat has long been a Republican one since the 18th district was gerrymandered by Pennsylvania state politicians. They combined rural areas, which have been trending Republican over the last several years, with Republican-leaning Pittsburg suburbs. The result was a district that Trump won by 20%. However, Democrats have been voting in force across the nation since Trump was elected President and has proven to be one of the worst in history, so Lamb has a shot at winning.

One of the national political action committees that is endorsing Conor Lamb is End Citizens United out of Washington D.C. They are supporting him because he is all for campaign finance reform, the key issue that this PAC is focused on. Politics have been awash in money from wealthy people and corporations since the Supreme Court decided to upend decades of reforms keeping big money from unduly influencing elections.

Since Trump was inaugurated Democrats have been winning seats in a number of states. So far they have flipped a governor’s seat, a U.S. Senate seat, and 34 seats in state’s legislatures. Meanwhile, the GOP has only managed to pick up four seats in state legislatures and nothing else.

Conor Lamb is a 33-year-old who is a Marine Veteran. He is also someone that has served as a federal prosecutor. He is regarded as having an uphill battle to win the open seat but there is wind in his sails. Democrats are very enthusiastic about him in his district and are very mad at the Republican party. Add in that the Republican in this contest is heavily against unions in a district where they still are influential and Lamb just might pull off the upset victory.

End Citizens United was founded in 2015 and was first active in the 2016 presidential election, spending $25 million. They are on track to raise even more money in the 2018 midterm elections. They are provided money by grassroots supporters who give around $12 on average, or the opposite of big money. They have endorsed several candidates for the 2018 elections including among others Paul Davis in Kentucky, Dean Phillips in Minnesota, Jason Crow in Colorado, and John Sarbanes in Maryland.